Qigong for the Disabled – Exercises with Limited Movements

Being disabled does not necessarily mean being unable to perform Qigong practices. Qigong in fact can be performed sitting or lying down, and is not even limited to movements but in fact visualizations and sounds as well.

In terms of movements, Spring Forest Qigong has a number of exercises that are traditionally performed standing but can also be done sitting using the hands. The Moving of Yin and Yang is a good example. This exercise is based on an energy center that flows through the center of the body from the top of the head all the way down to the toes, and is visualized as a certain color depending on the practitioner’s preference. When visualizing this energy, the hands move up in down in a circular way from head to stomach level and rotate this over and over until you feel the energy warm up in your body. This may cause your hands and other parts to feel warm and tingly, which is a good sign as this indicated that the Qi is moving. Sitting down to perform this is ok, as is lying down.

Another active exercise that can be performed is the Breathing of the Universe, which uses visualizing energy pulsating from the lower Dantian as it expands and contracts while the hands move in and out. This can also be done sitting down and is a great way to enhance the lung channels and improve digestion. Both of the exercises are also good for strengthening one’s immune system and regulating breathing, which gets affected from prolonged sitting periods.

Additionally, the exercise called Sword Fingers is a great way to enhance one’s energy and balance Qi in the body. This exercise is a variation of one of the oldest Qigong practices to date called Posting or Zhanzhuang in Chinese. The hands are raised and pointed outwards in this exercise, and you imagine energy shooting out from the fingertips to the end of the Universe. If this visualization is too complicated, simply taking deep in breaths and humming the sound “Om” on the out breath is a very powerful way to stimulate the body’s energy.

If using the hands is not an option, you can listen to one of the many meditations developed from Spring Forest Qigong that uses energy visualizations to transfer and purify energy from one energy point to the next. We recommend Small Universe for this as it is simple to do and comes in high quality audio. Throughout this exercise you use your mind to visualize energy balls that collect positive and healing energy, which move from guided points throughout the body. Many people who practice this see a drastic change in their energy levels and have even cured themselves of severe pain. In fact, the founder of Spring Forest Qigong used this to heal himself of severe arthritis is his legs and knees, that originally left him to the point of almost being unable to walk. Many swear by this exercise, and we here at Qiful Living have benefited from it immensely.

Lastly, if you can make use of the hands or can help someone else, massaging and tapping the face in different ways as found in the book Head to Toe Healing can be a very powerful way to balance energy in the brain and throughout various organs, as there are many energy points connecting throughout the body that run through or begin in the face. Also, patting along ones chest, arms, torso and tailbone areas are a great way to achieve this as well, as they activate numerous energy points connecting to the liver, lungs and kidneys.