Jun Shan Yellow Tea from Hunan

This article provides information about Jun Shan Silver Needle tea, a type of yellow tea produced in Jun Shan of Dong Ting Lake at Yue Yang, Hunan province.

Jun Shan Yellow Tea History and Significance

  • Jun Shan Silver Needle has a long history, dating back to the Tang Dynasty.
  • It was even selected as part of Princess Wencheng’s dowry when she got married in Tibet.
  • The tea has been listed as a tribute tea in Chinese tea culture.

Geographic Factors

  • Jun Shan or Dong Ting Mountain is an island in Dong Ting Lake, known for its fertile sandy soil.
  • The region has a suitable climate for tea production, with an annual average temperature of 16 to 17 degrees Celsius and high humidity from March to September.

Characteristics of Yellow Silver Needle Tea

  • Silver Needle is made entirely of tea buds, which are covered with small hairs, giving them a glossy appearance.
  • It has a refreshing aroma and appears orange-yellow when brewed.
  • The tea buds stand upright in the cup, resembling needles.
  • It is often described as having a bright appearance and a nectar-like quality.

Harvesting and Production

  • Silver Needle demands precision in plucking, with restrictions on factors like timing, weather conditions, and bud size.
  • A pound of Silver Needle is composed of approximately 150,000 tea buds.
  • The tea production involves several steps, including deactivating enzymes, cooling, baking, and packaging.

Brewing Silver Needle

  • Silver Needle requires specific equipment, including a high-temperature-resistant glass with an airtight lid.
  • Boiling water should be used for brewing, and the lid should be covered swiftly.
  • After three minutes, when most of the tea buds settle at the bottom, it can be enjoyed.

Identifying Premium Silver Needle

  • Premium Silver Needle is made from fat, straight, and uniformly sized unfolded buds.
  • It is covered with small hairs, has a refreshing aroma, and appears light brown-yellow with a sweet flavor.
  • The buds stand up and float in the surface when brewed.

Storage and Preservation

  • Silver Needle requires careful storage to maintain its quality.
  • Plaster and appropriate packaging materials are used for storage to avoid exposure to heat, light, and oxygen.
  • Refrigeration at around five degrees Celsius is recommended for preserving the tea’s quality, and for long-term storage, the freezer can be used.

In summary, Jun Shan Silver Needle is a highly regarded yellow tea known for its unique appearance, aroma, and flavor. It is produced with great care and precision, and proper storage is essential to maintain its quality.