Black Tea and Sprite Tea Recipe

A Guide to Refreshing DIY Drink with Black Tea and Sprite

Black tea and Sprite is one of the most underrated combinations for making a refreshing DIY drink. If done right, the pair produces one of the most refreshing beverages that is both economical and tasteful. Below are some options we recommend.

Black Tea Bags & Sprite

The most straightforward way to make Sprite with black tea is to use tea bags. We recommend using our black tea since it has honey flavor notes that pair really well with carbonated soda.


Steps to Making Black Tea with Sprite

  1. Prepare a can of cold Sprite and 1 black tea bag.
  2. Brew 100 ml of boiled water and pour into a glass with a tea bag. Let it steep for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Pour the prepared cold Sprite into the glass, filling 3/5 of the cup (the ideal tea to Sprite ratio is 2:3).
  4. Slowly pour black tea into the glass until it reaches 4/5 full or nearly full (pour the tea slowly to ensure a clear division).

This easy “Black Tea Sprite” recipe combines the best of both worlds. With the fresh aroma of honey flavored black tea and carbonated soda flavor of Sprite, it makes for a great summer drink.

Alternative Sprite and Tea Recipes

For those who want a more floral tea flavor with soda, we recommend the following alternative:

Gardenia Black Tea and Sprite Ingredients:

  • Gardenia black tea
  • Tall Glass
  • Unsweetened soda such as sugar free Sprite
  • Lemon slices


  1. Prepare one lemon, one can of unsweetened soda, and 4-5 grams of gardenia black tea.
  2. Brew with 100 ml boiled water. Pour the tea out after 3 minutes into a cup. Once cooled, pour it into an ice mold and freeze.
  3. Take the ice out and place it into the cold brew cup.
  4. Add Sprite
  5. Garnish with sliced lemon on the cup’s edge.

This version is an unsweetened tea beverage. If you prefer sweetness, you can add honey according to your taste. The combination of fresh lemon and cold soda allows the aroma of gardenia black tea to slowly infuse the water.

The better quality tea you use the more refreshing and organic tasting the result.