Black Tea and Sprite – Refreshing DIY Tea Drinks for Summer

In the hot summer, thinking about reward yourself after a hard day of working, why not make yourself a new tea beverage. With a new and fun way to make beverage, adding a few more flavor to life. For example, the two drinks we are going to introduce you today.

Gardenia Black Tea Sprite

Ingredients: Gardenia black tea, cold Sprite (lemon), glass, fair cup, tea spoon


No. 1: prepare a cold Sprite (Lemon) and 4 – 5 grams of gardenia black tea.

No. 2: Pour the gardenia black tea into the fair cup, brewing with 100 ml boiled water. After 3 minutes, pour the tea out.

No. 3: Pour the prepared cold Sprite (Lemon) into the glass gup, fill 3/5 of the cup is the best. (the ratio of tea to Sprite is 2:3)

No. 4: Put the spoon in the cup, pour the black tea into the cup alone the spoon, until 4/5 of the glass is filled (slowly pour the tea into the cup. It is better not to pour the tea not too fast, so there will be clear division.)

This cup of “Gardenia black tea Sprite”, the fresh aroma of gardenia mixed with black tea. Because of the refreshing Sprite is added, one sip of the drink, you will feel the summer is getting cooler.

Gardenia Black Tea Soda (unsweetened)

Ingredients: Gardenia black tea, glass, fair cup, ice mold, soda (unsweetened), lemon slices.


No. 1: prepare one lemon, one can of soda unsweetened, and 4-5 grams of gardenia black tea.

No. 2: pour the black tea into the fair cup, brewing with 100 ml boiled water. Pour the tea out after 3 minutes. After the tea is cooled down, pouring them into the ice mold. Frozen all.

No.3: take the ice out, and pour them into the cold brew cup.

No. 4: add soda.

No. 5: put the sliced lemon on the edge of the cup.

This version is the unsweetened tea beverage, if you like sweet, you can add honey depends on your preference. The taste is even better.

The fresh lemon with the cold soda, let the aroma of gardenia black tea slowly spread in the water. You feel like all the tiredness disappeared in this moment.

Of course, all these two methods are cold beverage. If you feel sick, we don’t recommend you to drink it.