Benefits of drinking ginger black tea

The black tea has characters of sweet and mild. It has diuretic effect and eliminate edema. The ginger can help with the cold. The ginger black tea combined with these two is very beneficial to human body. Let’s check out what’s the 6 benefits of drinking ginger black tea.

  1. Promoting blood circulation

Ginger contains a variety of active ingredients, who have the effect of detoxification, anti-inflammatory, dehumidification blood, warm the stomach, stop vomiting, eliminated the waste inside human body and others.

  1. Anti-cancer

Scientific evidence has proved that the ginger has the function of inhibit cancer and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The essence extracted from ginger can used to cure migraine, arthritis and mobility impairments.

  1. Lowering lipid

Ginger contains an oleoresin that have obvious effects in reducing lipid and cholesterol.

  1. Cure for flu

Drinking one cup of ginger tea can cure light symptom of flue. With heavy flue, patients can drink one cup of ginger tea every day for three consecutive days. Then, they won’t have running noses, cough, fever, sore throat, headache. People who gets cold easily can drink one cup of ginger tea every three day to prevent.

  1. Reduce freckle

When people getting old, they often have “age spots” covered on their face. The modern medical research has found that the “body rust” is caused by overactive oxygen free radicals. Pharmacological studies have shown that the starch, essential oil and various amino acids needed by human body are contained in ginger. The spicy ingredients known as gingerol has strong ability in dealing with oxygen free radicals.

  1. Laxative effect

If you have constipation issues frequently, getting tired easily, the homemade ginger tea has laxative effect and make you energetic.

Suitable group of ginger black tea

Ginger tea is only suitable for females with relatively week and cold physical condition. The main components of ginger black tea are ginger and brown sugar. Ginger has the function of warm the body and cure the cold. The brown sugar is benefit for the blood, it can make the spleen healthier and warm the stomach. The two combined can help cure the cold, strengthen the stomach.

The characters of weak and cold physical condition: afraid of cold, have cold hands and feet, stomach often feel colds during the period, menstrual pain. The pain is eased under warm condition, the blood is shown in dark red and often in the shape of blood clots. The color of the lip and tongue is pale or dark.

Female with warm physical condition should not drink ginger tea during the period. The characters of these females are: often feel hot, suffer from constipation, the stools are dry, feel irritability, body often has high temperature, like cold and hate warm. The period is often lasting for a longer time (not finish in 7 days). The tongue is red. The coating on the tongue is normally yellow or without it.

If you below to the latter, you don’t need to drink ginger tea during your period. Because drinking them can bring more. And you don’t need to drink ginger tea regularly, because it will increase the heat inside your body.