Simple Qigong Exercises

Various Qigong exercises can be done anywhere and at anytime. Even though most of the exercises are centered around active exercises that require you to be standing or incorporating arm movements, there are a number of simple exercises that can be performed while sitting in a chair or with minimal space.

Easy and Simple Qigong Exercises

The most simple Qigong exercises involve movements that utilize the hands and arms. Such exercises stimulate energy channels in the body and are known as a type of Qigong massage based on Acupressure and TCM concepts.

Elbow Point Massage

  • Locate the pressure point at the top of the inner elbow crease, which connects to the large intestine and nervous system.
  • Use your thumb to press deeply into this point.
  • Massaging this area can help with arm pain and may benefit those dealing with issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hand Rubbing

  • Place one hand on top of the other and rub them together in a circular motion.
  • This exercise can help break up age spots on the back of the hands, where the Qi of Yin and Yang meet.
  • While rubbing, mentally affirm, “All my channels are open; the aging spots in my hand are completely healed.”
  • Perform this on each hand for about 1-3 minutes as often as possible.

Finger Tapping

  • Interlace your fingers and tap them back and forth.
  • This stimulates energy along the spine and supports spinal health.
  • Perform this exercise for 1-3 minutes daily.

Finger Tapping for Memory

  • Tap the fingers on a surface to enhance memory and potentially prevent strokes.
  • Chinese medicine believes that stimulating energy points in the fingers can benefit the brain and heart.
  • You can also tap your fingers from both hands together if a surface isn’t available.
  • Perform this exercise regularly to improve memory and eye-hand coordination.

Throat Rubbing

  • Rub your throat up and down starting from the top.
  • Recommended for people with sore throats; it can help reset the vibration frequency in the throat.
  • Hum a specific noise like “shee” while doing this exercise.
  • Perform several times a day for 1-2 minutes, especially if you use your voice frequently.

Eye Relaxation

  • Place different colored objects, such as plants, around your workspace.
  • Looking at plants can help relax tired eyes and reduce the strain caused by computer screens.
  • The color green is particularly beneficial for the liver Qi.
  • Stand up and bounce your feet occasionally to keep energy flowing.
  • Rub your eyes with warm hands by clapping them together and placing them over your eyes.

Tongue Swishing for Digestion

  • Swish your tongue in the right, left, and center portions of your mouth 36 times each to generate saliva.
  • Then, swallow the saliva down to the dantian area in three gulps.
  • This exercise can help with digestion and maintain hydration.
  • You can perform it at any time of the day.

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