Hunan Tea

Explore Hunan Tea for Sale, featuring premium and aged selections sourced from Hunan, China.

Hunan, a pivotal tea-producing province in China with a rich history, boasts high elevations and an ideal climate for top-quality tea cultivation.

The name “Hunan” roughly translates to “south of the lake,” referring to Dongting Lake. The area is home to Junshan Island, renowned for its prized Junshan tea. This exclusive yellow tea is made from hand-harvested spring buds, meticulously picked by experienced experts. Its complex yet delicate flavor hints at honey, fresh fruit, heather, and corn silk.

The region offers more than just yellow tea; it’s a hub for dark tea & Fuzhuan cultivars that are lighter in taste compared to Sichuan selections. The area is also known for green tea production. Mao Jian green tea, also known as “eyebrow tea” due to its curved, wiry leaves, is a local favorite.

Hunan’s tea regions extend to Mount Heng, one of China’s Five Great Mountains. With over 13,500 square miles devoted to tea, the province ranks as China’s second-largest tea producer.