Osmanthus Tea

Browse Osmanthus Tea. Our Osmanthus is wild grown within the high mountains of Taiwan where there is ample rainfall and sunshine, ensuring premium quality and fragrance. All Osmanthus is hand picked and stored in dry environments to preserve freshness and taste.

We then blend this with high-end tea leaves sourced from reputable farmers in Taiwan. These leaves are grown largely in high mountain regions under supervision of local the masters. Each harvest is carefully selected every year to find the right balance between tea taste and the unique floral essence found in Osmanthus.

Our products include premium grade Osmanthus Oolong and Osmanthus Black Tea. These products are truly unique and unmatched in flavor, aroma, and taste. Out Oolong product is popular for Spring and Summer months. The Black variety is more common to drink during Autumn and the Winter. All are known for having good Cha Qi “Tea Energy.”

  • Osmanthus Black Tea
    • Osmanthus Black Tea
    • Osmanthus Black Tea

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    • Explore our meticulously crafted Osmanthus Black Tea. We've harmoniously blended the finest organically harvested Osmanthus from Taiwan with Premium High Mountain Black Tea, creating a Qi-symphony of flavors that's sumptuous and unparalleled in the word of black tea.  
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