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Sichuan has a rich tea culture and a history of cultivation that dates back many centuries. It’s best known for its green tea. This includes an array of award-winning varieties that rank among the best tea in the world.

Mao Feng green tea is one such tea, and one that is enjoyed by tea enthusiasts worldwide. It’s a smooth and silky tea with a vegetal aftertaste and an impactful floral aroma. Often grown at elevations of between 800 and 1,000 meters, Mao Feng leaves are the pride of Sichuan Province and serve as a prime example of what this region can produce.

Additionally, Mengding Ganlu and Mengding Shihua are renowned varieties named after their cultivation on Mengding Mountain, near Ya’an City. This mountain has produced high-quality teas for millennia. Historically, this region supplied many Silk Road traders with tea bags and bricks, a tradition that persists today. Emei Mountain, located approximately 100 miles away in Emei City, also yields exceptional teas, such as Zhuyeqing (Bamboo Green) and Emei Xueya (Emei Snow Buds).

Sichuan Basin dark tea, offering genuine Tibetan tea flavors from centuries ago, is relatively less recognized. Limited supply mainly consists of premium Fuzhuan selections.

No matter the variety you select, enjoying Sichuan tea allows you to savor a part of Chinese history and engage in a tradition spanning millennia.

  • Aged Tibetan Tea from 1970
    • Aged Tibetan Tea from 1970
    • Aged Tibetan Tea from 1970

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    • Rare & Aged Tibetan Tea from 1970. Dry-Stored in Tibet. Experience Tibetan Tea History and Culture Unlike Anything on the Market. 12 Tea Bags for a Total of 36 Grams.
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