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Currently, our most popular selection to sample teas in bag format is the Tea Variety Pack. However, should you want even fewer samples we also offer our flagship teas in 2 tea bag formats for a tot of 6 grams. This includes Puerh, Oolong and Black tea selections, all of which are premium and competition grade.

Qiful Life has turned its tea bags all into convenient pyramid sachets. This allows the the leaves to breathe more effectively. We have also chosen specific pyramid material for each tea type to best mimic a loose leaf brewing experience. This meticulous process took more than a year to test and was solidified after many taste tests.

Tea bag samplers are the best way to understand taste, preference and connection to tea. That is why we went to the lengths we did in order to provide what we consider the most premium and impactful teas available.

  • Tea Variety Pack
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      Tea Variety Pack
    • Tea Variety Pack

    • $15.95
    • Our Tea Variety Pack is the perfect combination of premium grade tea types and aged tea. We are the only tea company offering aged tea products as part of a tea variety pack offering. Included in this sampler box is: Premium Grade Aged Puerh Tea from 1990 Competition Grade Roasted Oolong Premium Grade Light Oolong Gourmet Black Tea with Honey…
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