Morning Qigong Techniques & Exercises

Morning Qigong ExercisesThe morning is one of the best times to do Qigong. It is a great opportunity to wake the body up naturally without the need for caffeine or other stimulants. In this article, we cover a variety of Qigong exercises you can do with your own hands that revolve around tapping and massaging the body’s energy points in order to stimulate energy and get the blood flowing. We also break down the mindset a Qigong practitioner takes to wake up and how to sustain the energy throughout the day.

Morning Qigong Exercises

The most popular Qigong exercises can be summarized as:

  • Entering a positive, motivating state of mind.
  • Massage the kidneys.
  • Facial Rubbing based on key acupressure points.
  • Tapping excises that stimulate acupressure points.
  • Deep breathing.

Morning Mindset

  • When you wake up, think of something inspiring in your life or a goal you want to achieve for the day or week. This activates the heart’s energy and motivates you to get out of bed with purpose. Avoid springing out of bed too quickly as to prevent a sudden rush of blood to the head.
  • Tell the universe what you are thankful for in your life. Make sure to ask it for guidance and support for whatever your heart intends. Harnessing and gettin touch with universal energy is key for deep Qigong practice and connection.

Hand and Face Rubbing

  • Rub your hands together vigorously to generate warmth.
  • Rub your face several times. There are energy points in the face that connect to the brain, and this can help awaken your mind.
  • You can repeat this exercise throughout the day if you feel sleepy.

Kidney Massage

  • Massage your kidneys by making circular motions 36 times in each direction.
  • The kidneys are essential for overall vitality, and stimulating them can boost your energy.
  • You can also use the warmth from your hands to massage other parts of your body, especially the knees and thighs.

Qigong Tapping Exercises

  • Cup one arm with the other and tap from the shoulder area down to the wrist about nine times.
  • Repeat this tapping on both the top and bottom areas of the arm, and then switch arms.
  • Tap the side of the torso from top to bottom on both sides to activate the lungs.
  • Tap the tailbone area and then the legs, starting from the thighs and working down.
  • These tapping exercises activate the body’s main energy centers and enhance blood circulation.

Deep Breathing

  • Practice deep breathing when you wake up or whenever you feel tired.
  • Deep breathing helps circulate energy and blood flow throughout the body.
  • You can further enhance this exercise by slowing your breath to about 10-second inhales and exhales, promoting calmness and increased awareness.

A lot of these practices can be completed within 5 minutes. In fact, most of these only take less than one minute and can be combined as a 5 minute Qigong practice. These make for an easy morning routine as a result.

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