100 Year Old Aged Oolong

100 Year Old Plus Aged Oolong. Rare Tea for any Avid Collector of Oolong. Very Strong Qi and Earthy Taste that is Transformative & Unique.




This Rare Aged Oolong emerges from our Taiwanese warehouse where we Dry Store most Aged Teas. Our in-house Tea Master, with lineage tracing to the mid-1800s, has collected teas over the past century, including this Oolong. It originates from a scarce tea farm in early 20th-century Taiwan, passed down through generations for learning and preservation. Our exclusive relationship with this lineage grants us access to these rare teas.

Exceptionally high in Qi, it’s one of the rarest teas globally, among the oldest Oolongs documented back to the Second Opium War. A valuable investment for seasoned tea enthusiasts. These teas have aged to a powdery form, so we package them in tea bags to prevent pot clogging while preserving taste, fragrance, and Qi.

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Loose Leaf

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Water Temperature: Full Boil
Quantity: 3-5g per Each Steep
Steep Time: 20-40 Seconds


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