Tangerine Puer

This Premium Tangerine Puer Uses Sun Dried Mandarin Oranges Packed with Gong Ting Puer Aged Over 20 Years. The Perfect Balance of Citrus and Tea.


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About Tangerine Puer Tea

This Tangerine Puer uses Sun Dried Mandarin Oranges packed with Gong Ting Puer Aged Over 20 Years. It is a premium quality selection and a gourmet level blend of Puer tea and fruit.

It is important to distinguish sun dried vs. machine rolling processes. Many factories that produce products such as Xinhui Tangerine Puer Tea use machines to dry tangerines and pack them with low quality Puer tea. This results in lower quality taste that can be musty and non refreshing.

All of our tangerines come from organic farms located in Taiwan. We then pack these oranges with select aged ripe puer teas such as Gong Ting and hand pack them into each tangerine. The end result is the perfect balance of citrus notes and Puer tea taste.

  • Function: Great for a sore or overused throat; often taken during change of seasons or when one’s energy is low.
  • Tea Type: Puer (Puerh) Tea Blend infused with tangerines and aged Gong Ting Puerh from 1990.
  • Tea Region: Tangerines are from organic farms in Taiwan. The Puerh Tea is from the Menghai Factory in Yunnan, China. Premium grade, gourmet quality Puer. Dry stored and exquisite tastes.
  • Season: Spring
  • Caffeine Level: Mid-level caffeine.
  • Time of Day to Drink: Morning or early afternoon.
  • Hand Picked Tea: Yes.
  • Forest Tea: Yes. Premium Puer growing regions in China in addition to pollution free farms in Taiwan.
  • Tea Quality: Gourmet level.
  • Flavor: Orange and citrus flavor notes; ripe puer that is slightly earthy and not bitter.
  • Single Origin Tea: Yes.
  • Tea Steep Method: Break open tangerine with knife and open into 2 halves. 1 half can be used for single server tea pots, but it is recommended to use both haves in both small or medium size teapots for optimal Qi and tangerine taste.
  • Qi Strength: Medium to Strong.

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3 Tangerines

More Information

More Information
Water Temperature: Full Boil
Quantity: 3-5g per Each Steep
Steep Time: 20-40 Seconds


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