Aged Oolong Tea

Aged Oolong encompasses Oolong teas harvested and stored for over 7 years. It further divides into two categories – Vintage Oolongs (20-40 years old) and Antique Oolongs (above 40 years old), all falling under the “aged” category.

The evolution of Aged Oolong Tea over time is distinct from other teas. It retains a unique fragrance and flavor profile from the harvest season while developing a dark tea quality. The result is a sumptuous and distinct blend of fragrant, roasted, and dark tea profiles.

Our Aged Oolong Tea comes from Asia, sourced and stored meticulously. Limited and of high quality, these teas are hand-selected after thorough tasting and inspection. With each sip, they evoke the historical essence of Oolong farming and production.