Aged Tieguanyin Oolong Tea from 1988

This aged Tieguanyin from 1988 is a fine grade Oolong tea. Heavy roasted and aged with preserved taste and flavor. Great for any Oolong enthusiast.




This aged Tieguanyin Oolong tea from 1988 is a Premium Grade selection Oolong as part of Qiful Life’s Aged Oolong Teas lineup. Heavy roasted taste and flavor due to aging and dry storage preservation. Increasingly rare and a great Oolong for any tea collector or enthusiast looking to sample an Aged Oolong tea.

  • Function: Strong Qi flow.
  • Tea Region: Taiwan’s high mountain tea areas.
  • Season: Spring 1988.
  • Caffeine Level: High Caffeine.
  • Time of Day to Drink: Morning.
  • Hand Picked Tea: Yes.
  • Forest Tea: No.
  • Tea Quality: Gourmet level.
  • Flavor: Crisp, Refreshing, Heavy Roasted.
  • Single Origin Tea: Yes.
  • Tea Steep Method: Steep for 20-30 seconds. Applies to tea bags or loose leaf varieties.
  • Qi Strength: Strong Qi for Circulation and warming up the body.

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Loose Leaf

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More Information
Water Temperature: Full Boil
Quantity: 3-5g per Each Steep
Steep Time:  20-40 Seconds


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