Tibetan Tea Bags

Our Tibetan Tea Bags hold Aged & Premium Tibetan Tea, thoughtfully packaged in compostable bags that mimic teapot brewing. Enjoy exquisite teas on the go, including our signature 1990 Tibetan Tea and 1970 harvests.

These teas belong to the Heicha “Dark Tea” variety, developed in the Sichuan Basin during the 1970s and 1990s. Initially crafted in Sichuan, they were directly shipped to Tibet, later making their way to other parts of Asia. Subsequently, these teas were stored outside Lhasa before being brought back to the USA, where we now ship them.

These selections showcase unique Tibetan cultivars celebrated for their distinct flavors. Widely enjoyed for digestion and gatherings, these teas suit any time of day, including evenings. The 1990 product is a great entry point to Tibetan Tea, while the 1970s version entices Aged Tea collectors seeking one of the world’s rarest tea varieties.

  • Aged Tibetan Tea from 1970
  • Tibetan Tea
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      Tibetan Tea
    • Tibetan Tea

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    • Introducing Qiful Life's Signature Tibetan Tea: A 1990 Dry Stored Fuzhuan Variety, the epitome of Dark Tea "Heicha" capturing the authentic taste of Tibetan Tea.
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