Why Tea can be used for Face Wash and Face Mask

Hair is formed by the division of the hair stem cells in the roots. Therefore, once the function of the hair stem cells is disrupted, the growth speed, density, and color of the hair are disrupted. If the general nutritional status of the body is poor, the hair will turn yellow and aging earlier. The hair will become thin and dry and the root of the hair will shrink. The hair will become fragile. The alopecia will appear. Then, how to prevent hair loss? The traditional Chinese medicine points out that using the tea leaves to wash the hair can prevent the hair loss effectively.

  1. Washing face with tea

After you wash your face, brew a cup of tea. Put the tea on the face, pat face lightly. Or using the cloth dipped in the tea to cover the face. Then, clean your face with the clean water. The tea color will disappear over the night. It can remove stains and whiten skins.

  1. Face mask of tea leaves

Taking one spoonful of flour and 1 egg yolk, add one spoon of green tea powder and mix them well. Evenly wipe the face, after 20 minutes, wash the face. You can add one spoonful of sugar tea and one spoonful of flour and mixed them thoroughly. Making it into face mask, after 15 – 20 minutes, washing your face. It can eliminate acne, remove grease.

  1. Beautify eye area with tea leaves

After brewing the tea, squeeze the tea leaves and put them into the gauze bag. Then close you eye, put the tea bags on the eyes for 10 -15 minutes. It can ease the eye fatigue, improve the dark circles, and treat the ocular inflammation.

  1. Using tea leaves as hair shampoo and conditioning

Tea contains 10% of tea saponin. The cleaning effect of tea saponin is very good. The shampoo that uses tea saponin as the raw material can prevent dandruff and itching. It is non-irritating to skin, making the hair fresh.

The tea leaves can also use as conditioning. Putting the fine tea powder on the scalp and massaging lightly once per day. It can prevent hair loss and dandruff.

  1. Weight losing with tea leaves

Mixing the tea powder thoroughly in the bathtub and massaging the whole body. It can get rid of the horny skin, washing the oil off the skin, making the skin soft and smooth, promoting perspiration, and thus has the weight losing effect. Eating tea has good effect on weight losing. Eating 1 to 2 spoon of tea powder every day, you can also mix them up with yogurt or milk, or even rice. It can not only help with weight losing but also a treatment for constipation and high blood pressure.

  1. Tea bath

Pack 20 to 30 grams of tea leaves into small bag. Put the bag in the bathtub and take a bath. Pour the brewed tea in the tub and soak your foot in the water. It can cure skin diseases, remove the aging skin, making the skin smooth. It can also get rid of the body odor, and give your body a clean tea aroma.

Above is the relative introduction on the tea effects as hair shampoo to prevent hair loss. Hope everyone can understand a little bit more about hair loss, figuring out the cause of it and how to prevent it. So they can better protect their hair.