Qigong Master Chunyi Lin Meditating

A Guide to Qigong Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong

Chunyi Lin is an internationally renowned Qigong master and healer from China. He is the founder of Spring Forest Qigong.

The international Qigong Master is known among the Qigong community as one of the most legitimate Qigong teachers globally. Drawing off of several lineages of Qigong in China dating back hundreds of years, Lin established the Spring Forest Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where he currently teaches Qigong.

Qigong Background

In his book “Born A Healer,” Lin recounts his journey into Qigong was prompted by severe leg injuries from college basketball. After exploring various treatments, he attended a transformative Qigong seminar led by a renowned master from China’s Shaolin Temple. Despite his initial struggles with mobility, Lin experienced profound healing as the master transmitted Qi to the attendees. He claims this relieved him of his injuries and restored his ability to stand without discomfort. This pivotal moment inspired Lin to delve deeper into Qigong practice.

Following this initial encounter, Lin pursued further training under the guidance of this Qigong Master, both in person and through remote study, while acting as a college professor. He structured his schedule to prioritize Qigong practice alongside his teaching commitments, progressively advancing his skills. Lin sought out additional teachers as needed, culminating in extensive Qigong retreats in the mountains of China to deepen his practice. Subsequently, Lin integrated his learnings into his teaching career, eventually transitioning to become a full-time Qigong teacher and healer in Minnesota.

Founding Spring Forest Qigong

Chunyi reached Qigong Master status before arriving in the United States in the 1990s. Upon his arrival in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota – the home town of Qiful Life founder Alex – Lin quickly gravitated towards teaching Qigong. Lin held night classes at a local community college named Inver Hills Community College while acting as an exchange teacher. These classes became the foundation for what would later evolve into the globally recognized Spring Forest Qigong program.

The classes quickly gained popularity through word of mouth. Simultaneously, he started practicing Qi healing, inspired by his own recovery from a leg injury. However, Chunyi Lin’s name to fame came when an interview with KMSP aired and listed his home phone number. This catapulted Lin’s teachings to widespread recognition, leading to overwhelming demand for his courses and healing sessions. From then on, Lin established the Spring Forest Center from his home in Minnesota.

Lin expanded his offerings, creating a detailed curriculum for Qigong practice and healing, which he later incorporated into the Spring Forest Center’s programs. He collaborated with medical professionals, including those from the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic, to validate Qigong’s efficacy through scientific research, dispelling misconceptions about its nature.

Chunyi Lin Classes

Lin has created a variety of classes over the years. His signature classes are the 5 Element Qigong that incorporates emotions and movements. He also popularized acupressure techniques in his book Head to Toe Healing as well as the ancient meditation practice Microcosmic Orbit, which he calls the Small Universe.

Chunyi’s most famous classes are Spring Forest Qigong Levels 1-3. Level 1 is the basics of Qigong, which is important for anyone interested in the fundamentals of Spring Forest Qigong. But most importantly are his Level 2 and 3 healing classes that focus on healing the self and others. The core focus of Chunyi’s Qigong is healing whereas many schools of Qigong focus on self cultivation. This is why Chunyi’s holds the motto “A healer in every home and a world without suffering.”

Lin also holds meditation retreats related to advanced healing for others and the self. Many of Master Lin’s courses are self taught or can be learned online.

FAQs on Chunyi Lin

Q. Who is Chunyi Lin’s wife?

Mr. Lin is married to Deborah Lin as of 2014. She currently assists Chunyi in developing Spring Forest Qigong.


Chunyi’s fundamental message is empowering: each person possesses the innate ability to heal themselves and others. He believes that everyone is born with this healing capacity. Lin’s mission is to educate people on achieving well-being through these principles, with Qigong as the central focus. Renowned for his humility and kindness, Lin stands out among Qigong teachers for his genuine demeanor. His teachings, meticulously documented and accessible to Western readers, are among the most comprehensive available. Lin’s commitment to sharing his knowledge extends globally, welcoming anyone interested in learning.