Puerh Tea Storage

How to Store and Preserve Puerh Tea

Here we describe optimal methods to store and preserve Puerh tea.

A Pristine Environment to Store Puerh

Once the crafting process of Puerh tea concludes, its transformative journey slows down considerably. However, this does not signify the end of its evolution; rather, it marks the commencement of a nuanced maturation process. Proper storage conditions during this phase can yield surprising results, accentuating the tea’s robust aroma and pronounced sweetness. A clean storage environment is indispensable for late-stage transformation. Maintaining cleanliness ensures that the tea remains untainted by undesirable odors, preserving its authentic flavor.

Embracing Natural Transformation

Contrary to some teas like white tea, which thrive in sealed, light-averse environments, Puerh tea demands a different approach. Ideally, Puerh tea should be stored in conditions that combine light avoidance with appropriate ventilation. Adequate ventilation fosters the growth of beneficial bacteria, enhancing the tea’s health-related attributes. Sealed environments, while initially protective, can slow the transformation process and lead to the gradual demise of beneficial bacteria due to unfavorable conditions.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Clean, ventilated storage is only part of the equation. Maintaining precise control over temperature and humidity is equally crucial. In regions characterized by heavy rainfall, particularly during the rainy season, excessively high humidity levels can spell trouble for Puerh tea. Elevated moisture levels create a breeding ground for mildew, a lamentable fate for tea enthusiasts. When it comes to temperature, the sweet spot is room temperature.