Massage Therapy

Qi-ssage from Spring Forest Qigong

Qi-ssage, also known as Qi ssage, is a Qigong massage program developed by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong. It encompasses specific acupressure massage techniques for releasing energy blockages in the body and promotes healthy Qi flow.

Qi-ssage Massage Courses

While many Qigong schools adhere to traditional methods, Spring Forest Qigong took a unique approach with the development of Qi-ssage techniques by its founder, Master Lin. Derived from ancient Chinese massage and Qigong principles, Qi-ssage offers a distinctive system that plays a significant role in SFQ practices.

These techniques center on the concept of the body’s energy lines, through which yin and yang energies flow. The belief is that when these energies are balanced and flow freely, health is maintained. However, imbalances or blockages can lead to various symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.

Qi-ssage employs acupressure techniques to address these blockages. Through learning this system, practitioners acquire the skills to apply precise pressure and duration at specific points to alleviate specific symptoms effectively.

Qi-ssage techniques are discussed in full on two main SFQ courses:

  • Qi-ssage Healing: This is the main Qi-ssage program, and the techniques you will learn here should help you to become an accomplished healer. This is a level 1 course, which means you can take it straight away, even if you are new to Qigong. The course itself comes with a manual, a CD and a DVD, all of which aim to help you locate energy points (based on their associated symptoms) and perform the techniques needed to clear them.
  • Head to Toe Bodys Repair Manual: Although the Qi-ssage Healing course can be used to heal yourself, its main purpose is to heal others. This course, however, is all about self-healing, and there are a total of 76 chapters, many of which cover Qi-ssage healing techniques.

Qi-ssage Massage Techniques

To give you an idea of the techniques you can find as part of the Qi-ssage courses mentioned above, here are just a few of them:

  • Elbow Massage: There is a heart channel running through your elbow, so simply by massaging this area you can alleviate a number of issues associated with the heart energy flow.
  • Finger Massage: There are a number of massages you can perform on your fingers. One of these involves pinching the tips of your fingers to aid in energy flow throughout the heart. Another one involves rubbing each of your fingers on both of your hands. This helps lower tension points throughout the body.
  • Back Pain: There is an energy point on your hand that connects to your spine, and if you massage in the right place, you can use this to aid in back recovery. This applies specifically to the lower back.

A Step by Step Guide to Qi-ssage

  1. Visit the SFQ website and purchase the course.
  2. Begin practicing on yourself to get an understanding of the Qi flow.
  3. It is appropriate and recommended you then seek a teacher before massaging others. The massage isn’t harmful, but best to consult with an expert. Such courses can be booked here.
  4. Consider taking an in person course. Since it is massage related, getting a one on one experience is most beneficial.

FAQs on Qigong Massage

Q. What are the benefits of Qi Massage?

A. Like many massages, reduced tension and increased energy flow are common experiences from Qi ssage.