Rare & Expensive Tea from China

Looking to explore the world of rare tea from China? Look no further than some of the most expensive and rare teas from China. Below are some of the famous and highly regarded Chinese teas, each with its own unique history and characteristics.

China’s Most Expensive & Regarded Selections

Dahongpao (Big Red Robe)

A rare Oolong tea from China. The production of Dahongpao dates back to the Tang Dynasty. Tea officials discovered a type of Oolong tea near Wuyi Mountain and served it to the loyal family. Since then, Dahongpao became an annual tribute to the government. It’s said that in the Ming Dynasty, a monk cured an emperor with tea that he made. After recovery, the emperor honored the tea trees by covering them with red robes. Therefore, the tea is called Dahongpao, which means red robe. Dahongpao tea trees grow near a cliff at Jiulong Cave. The unique natural conditions contribute to the best flavor of Dahongpao. Bathed in moist air and abundant sunshine, tea leaves are big and juicy, which store more beneficial chemicals.

Lushan Yunwu Tea

Lushan Yunwu is a type of green tea with a history dating back to the Han Dynasty. It’s named after the misty environment in which it grows year-round. The water sources for the tea trees are mineral-rich, contributing to the tea’s unique qualities. The leaves are fleshy and juicy, and they are harvested during the Tomb-Sweeping Festival. Lushan Yunwu tea can be processed both in workshops and factories, with workshop-made tea often having a better aroma.

Qimen Black Tea

Qimen Black Tea, also known as Keemun Black Tea, hails from the small town of Qimen and has a tea history tracing back to the Tang Dynasty. It gained popularity when local tea merchant Yuanlong Hu created it in 1875. Qimen black tea is plucked in early spring from the healthiest tea leaves. The leaves undergo withering, rolling, fermentation, and sorting to create a distinctive dark purple or black tea. It’s famous for its bold flavor and is known for being favored by the British royal family.

Mengding Tea

Mengding Tea is a type of green tea that comes from the Meng Shan mountain range, which spans two counties. This tea is celebrated for its fresh aroma and is sometimes referred to as “the Tea from Heaven” due to the misty climate of Meng Shan. It was once a tribute tea exclusively for the royal family. The processing of Mengding Tea is similar to other green teas, but it has a unique history involving religious ceremonies and special rituals.

These rare tea selections are not only known for their distinct flavors but also for their cultural significance and historical importance in China. The growing conditions, processing methods, and legends associated with each tea contribute to their individual appeal among tea enthusiasts.