Qigong CDs & Learning Material

A Guide to Qigong Learning CDs & Audio Recordings

Qigong CDs are still very popular amongst older demographics since they are hard copied versions. In this article, we provide an overview of recommended CDs and learning material for Qigong practitioners of all levels. We emphasize and recommend Spring Forest Qigong material.

The Spring Forest Qigong Center provides many different ways for you to learn their unique branch of Qigong. These include DVDs with exercises and techniques performed by Master Lin, as well as phone healing sessions. There are also many MP3s and CDs, which you can either download onto your computer or have sent to your door.

The CDs are actually one of the best ways to learn this practice. They are all narrated by Master Lin, whose wisdom can be heard in every word. There are CDs with most of the main courses at the SFQ and they are also included on many smaller courses, ones that can be taken alongside the main ones.

Beginner CDs

All of the following courses are aimed at beginner students, those that are new to Qigong and/or to Spring Forest Qigong. The SFQ lead the way when it comes to beginner courses and there is no better way to become acquainted with this practice:

Small Universe

Perhaps the most basic and the most essential meditation guide at the Spring Forest Qigong Center, this is included on the SFQ Fundamentals course and it is the audio element of that course. If you want to purchase it separately, it is available as a 30 minute and a 60 minute meditation. The goal of Small Meditation is to teach you ways that you can open your main energy channels, which in turn will help you to heal all over. It is very easy to perform and the guide walks you through the preparation as well as the meditation itself.

Energy Breathing

It is essential to make sure you are breathing right. This is the basis of Small Universe, as each breath brings in healing energy which works its way around your body. It is also essential to many other meditations and proper breathing is taught in full in the Energy Breathing meditation. Included on Qigong for Healing, this is also available separately.

Intermediate Qigong CDs

The intermediate levels cover level 2 and level 3. At this point you will have a firm grasp of Qigong and will know how to heal effectively, but there is still a long way to go.

Qigong for Advanced Healing

This is a level 3 course, and one that comes with two CDs. These are the Moon Meditation and the Sun Meditation, two meditations that are designed to work well together. You can take the Sun Meditation in the morning and the Moon Meditation at night, waking your mind and your body and then sending it to sleep again. These meditations, as with many others included in the main courses, can be purchased separately.

Energy Breathing

This is the advanced version of the Energy Breathing practice mentioned above. It is not included on the level 2 Qigong for Healing course and is not actually available on any main course. You can purchase the CD separately though, learning to master your breathing.

Advanced CDs

The final two levels, level 4 and level 5, are the advanced levels. This is where you go from student to master, where you learn the techniques that can take your education to the next level.

Deep, Deep in Stillness Meditation

This is a recorded retreat that consists of several audio files. This course is all about meditation, which is still a key aspect of SFQ, even at this advanced stage. This retreat took place at the Healing Centre in 2015 and was led by Master Lin, whose voice will guide you through all of these audio files.

Rainbow Meditation

One of the most important advanced meditations at this stage, the Rainbow Meditation can help you to cleanse, to get rid of all kinds of potentially life threatening diseases. Its main purpose is to open your third eye and teach you how to master this, which is one of the main steps towards becoming a Qigong master and achieving your goals with this practice.

Awakening the Master Within

This is the ultimate advanced course, the main level 5 course and the one that will compete your studies and give you the knowledge, the tools and the accreditations that you need in order to become a Qigong master. There are 24-steps in total on this program and it covers everything from techniques that can improve your senses and unlock your sixth sense, to ones that can help you to fully develop your third eye and a great deal more. There are many media elements, including CDs, and the course may take several months to get through.