Qigong for Beginners

As modern medicine disappoints, Qigong gains popularity. This ancient Chinese practice integrates meditation, gentle exercises, and massage techniques to enhance overall well-being. With diverse approaches among retreats and masters, mastering Qigong may take years, but beginners can grasp the basics swiftly for numerous benefits.

Beginner Qigong Exercises

Qigong exercise is all about slow, methodical movements. It is about directing, renewing and unblocking the body’s energy, while also calming and centring the mind. Many of the basic exercises offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Center can be found on the SFQ Fundamentals course. This is where many hundreds of thousands of Qigong students have taken their first steps, and it’s where you should look to begin if you are new to this art-form.

This course comes with a DVD, on which you will find a large number of Qigong exercises, all of which are performed by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin himself, who will guide you through the exercises step-by-step. These exercises include the following three-part exercise:

  • Moving of Yin and Yang: A simple movement that begins with you standing still and moving your hands up and down your body, directing your energy as you do so.
  • Breathing of the Universe: Your arms open and you embrace the world as your breath deepens.
  • Joining of Yin and Yang: The final exercise of this three-part process, and one which serves to renew your energy.

Beginner Qigong Meditations

Meditation is the backbone of all Qigong practice, which is why this is also an essential aspect of all courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Center, including the SFQ Fundamentals course. You might think that meditation is just meditation, that if you know one way and one technique, then you know them all. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth and there are hundreds, if not thousands of techniques out there, many of which you will encounter during your study with the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.

As well as the techniques offered on the level 1 through to level 5 courses on the Spring Forest Qigong Center, there are also additional techniques, many of which are recommended for all levels. These include:

  • Small Universe: A great beginner’s meditation.
  • Temple of Heaven: A 2-hour long meditation for all levels.
  • Six Word Chant: A meditation that is based on a Buddhist practice.
  • Healing Our World: A meditation that is all about showing compassion and love.

Head to Toe Healing

This is a separate course, and one that you can take as an addition to SFQ Fundamentals. It shows you a number of massage techniques that you can use on yourself and on others, ridding the body of pain and discomfort, improving energy and feelings of well being, and generally lifting the spirit. There are seventy-six techniques in total on this course, including ones that can help with: 

  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Qi Blockages
  • Stagnant Energy Flow

Beginner Qigong Massage

Developed by Master Lin as an exclusive to the Spring Forest Qigong Center, Qi-ssage Healing is a one-off course that complements all level 1 courses, much like the Head-to-Toe Repair course outlined above. Qi-ssage Haling is a mixture of massage and Qigong, detailing dozens of techniques that can help to alleviate pain, making life more bearable and more comfortable for yourself and for others.