Healing Our World Meditation from Spring Forest Qigong

If you watch the news and read the reports that plague news sites everyday, you could be forgiven for thinking that the world is no longer a peaceful, empathetic place. In fact, that has always been the case, as a large portion of the population is mixed up in war, violence, disease and poverty, all of which makes it very difficult to be emphatic.

Still, empathy is something that exists in all of us. By our very nature, humans are altruistic, instilled with a need to care for our own and to love each and every one of us. You may not believe this to be true and you may not feel that way yourself. That would certainly apply for a lot of the population. But that’s where the Healing Our World meditation can help. Designed to help you as well as others, this is an altruistic, loving meditation that aims to bring the world together and to make humankind one big family.

What is Healing Our World

The Healing Our World meditation was created by Master Chunyi Lin and is exclusive to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, which he founded. The goal of the Healing Our World, in the words of Master Lin, is to share “our love and healing energy with the world at this critical time”.

Master Lin believes, as do many others, that love is the greatest force in the universe. It is the muse that has inspired some of the greatest artists, writers and poets in history and it is the thing that gives many men and women a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to keep going when everything else seems lost. Love, and the pursuit of it, is one of the main reasons we exist, and the energy that this force generates is enough to heal the world.

That is the goal of the Healing Our World meditation, which teaches you how you can use this powerful emotion to create a cycle of healing. The universe gives you love, you embrace it, use it and then give it back. As Master Lin explains, this is both a beautiful and a powerful cycle, and one we all have access to.

Master Lin invites everyone to, “[Join him in] Healing Our World meditation as often as you can, and please share it with everyone you know. Through the power of love we can heal ourselves and our world.”

Where to Find Healing Our World

Healing Our World is available as a standalone meditation guide, one which all students, regardless of their prior experience with Qigong, can practice. This meditation is not included on any other courses, but it is discussed at a number of retreats and seminars held throughout North America and arranged by the SFQ.

To visit one of these yourself, simply click onto the SFQ website and keep your eye on their schedule. They will update this every year with upcoming events, giving you access to Healing Our World and many other retreats, courses and programs.