A Guide to Sun Meditation from Spring Forest Qigong

One of the biggest meditations at the Spring Forest Qigong Center is the Sun Meditation. There are many benefits to this and it has helped countless students reach their goal and achieve their potential as a Qigong student.

How to Perform the Sun Meditation

There is no preparation section on the Sun Meditation guide and there is no introduction either. These are common on beginner courses and you can also find them on some intermediate courses, but they are typically not included on courses at level 3 and beyond. That’s because you should know how to prepare by this point. If you do not, then just revert back to one of those beginner courses, listen to the preparation section and then switch to Sun Meditation.

This meditation begins like many other SFQ meditations. You connect your thumbs and forefingers and you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, both of which can help you to open your energy channels. Once these channels are open then you begin the meditation in full. This allows your energy to flow freely and ensures that you can get more out of the visualizations and the techniques that follow.

This is a bright and refreshing meditation. It should be performed in the morning or afternoon, when the sun is out and the day is young. If you can, try to perform it outside, where you can feel the sun’s rays beating down on your skin and the cool air brushing through your clothes and where you can listen to the sounds of nature.

What Are the Benefits?

One of the main benefits of Sun Meditation is that it teaches you how to open your third eye. There are many benefits that come from this, and it is something that is taught extensively throughout level 5, which is the next step for many students after they complete Sun Meditation and its associated courses. Once you open your third eye you can learn how to maximize your potential as a Qigong student, while learning how to get more from your other senses at the same time.

Sun Meditation can also help you to heal, and this meditation delivers a number of healing benefits that can improve both your mental and your physical health. However, the main purpose of the Sun Meditation is to give you a boost of energy in the morning or during the day, when many of us need it the most. During these times the Sun Meditation can help to eliminate your fatigue, to give you a boost of energy and to make you a happier and more confident person.

If you are facing a particularly strenuous and difficult day, be sure to perform the Sun Meditation before it begins in full and you will be ready for anything the world can throw at you. It can also be performed if you are struggling at work. Just take a few minutes to perform this meditation and you’ll be ready to ease yourself back into your work.

Where to Find Sun Meditation?

The Sun Meditation is available as a standalone guide at the Spring Forest Qigong Center. You can find it on the SFQ Digital Library, along with a vast number of other meditation guides, including everything from Moon Meditation, which was actually designed to complement the Sun Meditation, and Small Universe, which is a complete basic meditation that you may already have a firm grasp of. This standalone guide is voiced by Master Lin, who guides you through from the first breath and the first thought, until the last.

The Moon Meditation was designed to complement Sun Meditation and you can download this as well if you want to get the maximum benefit, performing Sun Meditation in the morning and Moon Meditation in the evening. You don’t need to purchase these two separately though as they are both included on a level 3 course by the name of Qigong for Advanced Healing. This course expands upon many of the techniques that you learn in both of these meditations, teaching you all of the following and more:

  • Heal others
  • Use message water
  • Lead practice groups
  • Develop your third eye
  • Unlock your inner healer