Spring Forest Qigong Healing

The global community of Spring Forest Qigong healers continues to grow. Its a testament to the center’s influence and Master Lin’s transformative work. The Spring Forest Qigong Center not only provides exceptional home study courses but also offers distance healing sessions for those in search of direct assistance. These sessions provide access to the knowledge, expertise, and techniques of esteemed masters like Master Lin.

Spring Forest Qigong Healing Services

Phone Healing

Embrace the opportunity for healing through phone sessions by reaching out to the SFQ and scheduling an appointment. Various options cater to diverse budgets, needs, and levels of experience. You can also book a session through Qiful Life’s 1 on 1 platform and connect with a certified healer.

  1. Group Healing: These brief yet impactful sessions, often led by Master Healer Gadu, typically last around ten minutes. Participants are advised to have a glass of water ready, which they drink and then meditate upon once the session concludes.
  2. One-on-One Healing: For a more personalized and extended session, opt for a one-on-one healing session with a master healer of your choice. These sessions can address a wide range of issues, including diseases, pain, mental health concerns, and more. Typically, they span from 30 minutes to an hour, but longer sessions are available upon request. If you prefer to become self-sufficient in healing, consider booking an extended one-on-one coaching session. These sessions allow you to learn directly from the masters and apply your newfound knowledge to self-healing.
  3. Teleseminars: Teleseminars offer a unique interactive experience. They are scheduled events that occur regularly and are led by experts. Participants engage in live calls, with an example being “The Healing Connection,” a popular teleseminar hosted by Master Lin on a weekly basis. All teleseminars are recorded, enabling participants to review any missed content.
  4. Remote Healing: All phone sessions are considered forms of remote healing.

Pet Healing Services

Extend the benefits of distant healing to your beloved pets. Many consider their pets as cherished family members, and when these furry friends fall ill, anxiety and concern can be overwhelming. With SFQ Pet Healing sessions, arranged by phone in a manner similar to the options mentioned above, you can find solace in the knowledge that your cat, dog, or other pet will receive the care it needs.

Learn the Art of Qigong Healing

If you aspire to become adept at distant healing, Spring Forest Qigong courses can equip you with the necessary skills. Several courses delve into this practice, with some offering more extensive coverage:

  • Qigong for Healing (Level 2): This course provides a solid foundation for distant healing.
  • Qigong for Advanced Healing (Level 3): An advanced course that delves deeper into the art of distant healing.
  • Additional Courses: Distant healing concepts are also introduced in other courses, such as Qi-ssage Healing (Level 1) and Awakening the Master Within (Level 5).

How to Make a Spring Forest Qigong Healing Appointment

There are several ways to make a healing appointment with Spring Forest Qigong:

  • Call Spring Forest Qigong at 952-593-5555 and speak with a representative.
  • Email su*****@sp****************.com to set up an appointment.
  • Fill out the Contact Form on the site.

Alternatively, Qiful Life offers competitively cheaper prices with other certified instructors who have completed the entire Spring Forest Qigong healing program.

Spring Forest Qigong extends its reach globally by offering remote healing sessions accessible to all. Whether you seek healing for yourself or your cherished pets, or wish to embark on a journey of learning self healing, Spring Forest Qigong provides the tools and expertise to help you along the way.