Summer Tea Drinks & Mixes

In hot summer days, it’s advisable to drink more tea and adopt healthier ways to cope with the heat in a relaxed manner. Here, we recommend five teas for the summer with detailed explanations to help you beat the heat.

1. Mint Leaves + Green Tea/White Tea:

  • Mint leaves have numerous health benefits, including freshening breath, relieving stomach pain, and aiding digestion.
  • They also possess antibacterial properties, act as a diuretic, and help with phlegm.
  • Brewing mint leaves with green tea or white tea makes for a refreshing and thirst-quenching combination.
  • To prepare, take fresh mint leaves and 3 grams of white tea, and brew them with boiling water.
  • Note: Consuming a large quantity of mint may cause insomnia, but a small amount can promote sleep. Pregnant women should avoid excessive mint consumption.

2. Monk Fruit + Green Tea:

  • Working outdoors in the summer often leads to excessive sweating and potential heatstroke.
  • Monk fruit can help clear the lungs, alleviate coughing, quench thirst, and even act as a laxative.
  • Combining sweet-tasting monk fruit with refreshing green tea creates a delicious and thirst-quenching beverage.
  • Boil one monk fruit and take 3 grams of green tea to brew with the boiled monk fruit water.
  • Notes: Sensitive individuals with a cold body constitution should avoid monk fruit. Prolonged consumption is not recommended due to its extreme sweetness.

3. Red Dates + Aged White Tea:

  • The summer heat can lead to excessive sweating, and red dates can help nourish the blood and alleviate the effects of medicines.
  • Red dates can be consumed as snacks, but excessive consumption in summer can lead to fever blisters.
  • Preparing a beverage with aged white tea is beneficial for blood nourishment.
  • Take 7 grams of aged white tea and one red date, and brew them with boiling water after cutting the red date into pieces.
  • Note: Red dates have a high blood sugar content, so diabetic patients should avoid excessive consumption.

4. Tangerine Peel + Tieguanyin/Ripe Pu-erh:

  • High summer temperatures can reduce appetite and lead to decreased digestive enzyme activity.
  • Tangerine peel can stimulate appetite and help with phlegm.
  • Sliced tangerine peel can be used with Tieguanyin or ripe Pu-erh tea to brew a delightful beverage.
  • Slice the tangerine peel for faster flavor diffusion, then take 7 grams of ripe Pu-erh and brew it in boiling water together.
  • Notes: Tangerine peel is relatively drying. People with symptoms like dry cough without sputum, dry mouth, and tongue should not consume it excessively.

5. Lemon + Black Tea:

  • Summer often brings humidity, which can affect appetite.
  • Lemon can alleviate thirst and phlegm, and lemon peel is particularly effective in reducing phlegm.
  • When your throat feels uncomfortable in the summer, you can use lemon juice with warm water and a pinch of salt to help clear phlegm.
  • Combining fresh lemon with black tea can help cool down in the summer.
  • Simply slice the lemon, take one slice with 3 grams of black tea, and brew them with hot water.
  • Note: Lemon is sensitive to sunlight and can tan or potentially cause skin issues if exposed to the sun.