Tea Drinking for Women – What Traditional Chinese Medicine Says

Drinking tea is a tradition in our country. But do you know? The time to drink tea for women is very important. Women in the following five conditions, should not drink tea. Let’s get to know more about it with editor.

Condition 1: on period

When women are on their period, the loss of iron element is significant. The tannic acid contained in the tea will hinder the absorption of iron element in mucus. Thus, it will make the women loss more iron element. Therefore, women on their period should not drink tea, especially cold tea and iced tea.

Condition 2: pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special period for women. During this period, women should not drink too much tea, especially strong tea. Because the caffeine contained in the tea will stimulate the nerves, causing insomnia due to excitement. This is bad for the resting of the pregnant women and the growth of the fetus.

Condition 3: women with anemia

Tea will affect the absorption of iron element in the human body. Women with anemia should not drink tea. Even if it doesn’t make the anemia worse, but the condition of the body will be getting worse.

Condition 4: during breastfeeding

If women drink too much tea during breastfeeding, it will cause the shortage of the milk produced by mom. At the same time, the milk will carry the tea to the baby, which is bad for the health of the baby.

Condition 5: during contraception

Tea contains a chemical called tannic acid, which is a very active chemical substance. If contraceptives met tannic acid, its drug effect will reduce. What’s worse is that it turns the drug into the element that cannot be absorbed by the human body.

What tea should women drink?

Lily and green tea

There is no need to introduce the benefits of green tea. Everyone knowns mostly is that the green tea is the common tea for people uses computer frequently to drink for preventing radiation. Lily has a variety of vitamin and trace element. It can clear the lung, make your brain refresh. It is very suitable for the office lady. If you can consistently drink one cup a day, it will have better effect.

Rose tea and sweet-scented osmanthus

Rose tea has clear effect in remove freckles and wrinkles, which is best beauty drinks. Osmanthus can improve eyesight and cure thirsty. When you put these two together, it can detoxify, discharging the poison in the human body. Also, it can whiten the skin from inside to outside.

Lavender and Jasmine

The lavender’s benefits are needless to explain, every knows, it can reduce the pressure and help sleep. Women cannot fall asleep in the night, can drink a cup of lavender, which works well. Jasmine can help with weight loss and laxative. If you think the taste is a little too bit, you can add some honey.