Acupressure Techniques for Headaches

Prevent and Cure Headaches with QigongIn this article we review a Chinese Acupressure approach to dealing with headaches.

Before we get into the exercises, let’s talk about what a headache means from a Chinese Acupressure perspective. A headache is seen the same way as other pain found in the body; that is, an energy imbalance that needs to be untangled and smoothened out. Energy imbalances may come from changes in the weather, over stimulation of thoughts and emotions , muscle soreness and possibly a lack of nutrition. If one of these is out of tune it could very well trigger a reaction in the body, which often leads to soreness experienced in the head area.

To “re-tune” this energy, it needs to be stimulated and redirected differently so that it does not produce negative effects. This tune-up is much like a masseuse working on sore muscles to alleviate pain, only you are the healer and yourself can do the exercises in a simple manner.

The exercises below are meant to achieve this and are related to acupressure points used in Qigong practice. These acupressure points are safe to stimulate and are by no means only limited to the field of Qigong. Martial arts practitioners and Chinese doctors use these techniques as well.

The Acupressure Approach to Headaches

Cupping the Top of the Head

    • Cup your hand and gently pat the top of your head, imagining golden light entering your head’s center.
    • While patting, affirm to yourself that you are completely at ease.
    • This exercise stimulates the “Baihui” energy point at the top of the head, dispersing yang energy throughout the body, releasing head pressure, and alleviating pain.

Tapping the Base of the Head

    • Cupping the base of the head is crucial, as it connects to the sinuses and brain.
    • This exercise opens the sinuses, balances yang energy in the brain, and reduces dizziness and motion sickness.

Massaging the Forehead Area

    • Locate the point between your eyebrows at eyebrow level and massage it with your middle finger for about 2 minutes.
    • This massage relaxes various parts of the brain, especially beneficial if you feel your thoughts and emotions have been overly active.

Massage the Temples

    • Place your thumbs on your temples and gently massage them in circular motions, 36 times in each direction.
    • This directly connects to the brain, enhancing circulation and reducing stress.

Massage Your Face

    • Warm your hands and massage your face, moving from the nose area up to the forehead and back down in gentle motions.
    • Massaging the face helps balance nerves and restores energy points connected to the brain and other body parts.

Neck Mobility

    • Ease tension in your neck by gently turning it from side to side.
    • This exercise relieves neck and shoulder stress, often caused by prolonged computer or mobile device use.
    • It can also help reduce lung congestion and improve heart conditions, as many neck muscles connect to these systems.

Conclusion: Empower Yourself with Acupressure for Headache Relief

These Qigong exercises provide a holistic approach to headache prevention and relief. By addressing energy imbalances and stimulating key points in the head, neck, and face, you can take control of your well-being and minimize the impact of headaches on your life.