Spring Forest Qigong Level 3 Advanced Qigong & Healing

This article discusses advanced Qigong, specifically pertaining to Level 3 at Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ). Before learning this, you should have learned everything from the all-over healing Small Universe meditation, to the essential Energy Breathing practice. You should understand how to use acupressure to heal yourself and others and know plenty of active exercises and energy techniques. If you do not, then you should take a few steps backwards and take the level 1 and level 2 courses that you may have missed.

Preparing for Level 3 at Spring Forest Qigong

  • Prior Learning: Your journey to Level 3 assumes mastery of foundational techniques like Small Universe meditation, Energy Breathing, acupressure, and active exercises from previous SFQ courses. If not, consider revisiting Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Level Progression: Level 3 marks the transition from intermediate to advanced Qigong practices.

Level 3 Advanced Qigong Meditations

  • Course Highlights: In Level 3, you’ll delve into the following:

Moon Meditation for Balanced Yin Energy

  • Ideal for evenings, preferably outdoors.
  • Promotes Yin energy balance.
  • Involves opening energy channels, deep breathing, and guided visualizations.
  • A soothing meditation for evenings, best enjoyed outdoors.
  • Includes channel opening, deep breathing, and guided visualizations.
  • Offers an advanced practice touching upon third eye development, a theme expanded upon in higher levels.

Sun Meditation for Balanced Yang Energy

  • Best practiced in the morning, especially outdoors.
  • Boosts Yang energy, energy levels, confidence, and reduces anxiety.
  • Enhances overall healing power.

Advanced Qigong Distance Healing Techniques

  • Explores advanced distant healing methods.
  • Teaches how to connect with healing energy on a deeper level.

Level 3 Advanced Qigong Healing 

  • Purpose: To open the third eye, awaken universal energy, and elevate consciousness for self and others’ healing.
  • Level Progression: Level 1 for self-healing, Level 2 for healing others, Level 3 for unlocking full potential.
  • Reminder: Level 3 is just one step on your SFQ journey; more advanced levels await.

Course Components

The course is divided into three parts, including:

  1. Moon Meditation CD: As described earlier.
  2. Sun Meditation CD: As described earlier.
  3. Comprehensive Manual: Contains additional techniques.
  • Impact: This course equips you with advanced healing capabilities, empowering you as a healer and practitioner.

These core courses and techniques provide a path forward in advancing your Qigong practice. To learn these and more, feel free to book a 1 on 1 class with a certified instructor.