Advanced Qigong Practices

Advanced Qigong has many routes but is mainly summarized as advanced techniques for circulating and enhancing Qi. The goal is to become more intuitive and free of blockage while connecting deeper with a universal energy.

If you have explored the basics of Qigong and are ready to take things to the next level, then the Spring Forest Qigong Center is a good place to start. This Qigong retreat offers a wealth of courses, which you can take at the centre or in the comfort of your own home. These courses were created by the Qigong expert Master Chunyi Lin, whose unique influence can be seen in every single exercise, meditation and technique provided by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. 

Qigong for Advanced Healing

Also known as Level 3, this is the most advanced online course offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Center. It is a great place to start if you already have a bit of knowledge about Qigong and want to take the next step. This is part 3 of a 3 step course that was created to help students understand and to unlock their healing potential. In the level 1 course you learn the basics of Qigong healing, in the level 2 course you learn how to detect and remove energy blockages. In this level 3 course you learn how to open your third eye and awaken your true potential.

This course can help you to:

  • Heal Others: Whether they are standing next to you or they live many miles away from you, you can learn how to heal others.
  • Unlock Your Potential: Learn how to use message water, to cure yourself and to improve your overall well being.
  • Fast: Learn what foods work for you and what abstaining can do for you.
  • Unlock Your Third Eye: This is perhaps the most essential part of this course. You will learn how to open your third eye and unleash your true potential.

Making it to this advanced level should be one of your goals when you begin with Qigong, as there is a lot of incredibly useful information and techniques awaiting you. However, you should avoid trying to skip ahead and rush things, and just take it slowly.

Working with the Masters

This is one of the teleseminars available at the Spring Forest Qigong Center. These are live calls, often with Master Lin himself. Each call is also recorded and you can purchase a back catalogue of these to listen to when you want.

The Working with the Masers call is one of the teleseminars that is no longer available as a live call, but you can still purchase a recording of it, getting just as much use out of it. There is a manual that comes with this course and the call itself is 2 hours long. This call is all about transformation, but it’s also an essential step if you want to become a master yourself.

24 Steps to Awaken the Master Within

This course should be taken after the Qigong for Advanced Healing course and after everything else on this page. In fact, the 24 Steps to Awaken the Master Within is one of the final courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Center. It is the final step before Level 5 training, which is the final step on the Spring Forest Qigong curriculum.

It is also the most comprehensive and the most difficult course offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Center, so don’t expect an easy ride. There are 24 classes in total, beginning with the 2-part “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” and ending with “Sixth Sense: Your Heart’s Intelligence”. Throughout this course you will learn how to:

  • Achieve inner and outer peace.
  • Explore and unlock your senses.
  • Learn to separate feelings and emotions.
  • Show compassion for living things.
  • Unlock your divine power.
  • Learn the power of forgiveness.
  • Understand your connection to the divine.
  • Find your purpose in life.
  • Become more confident.

Between Level 3, Working with the Masters and 24 Steps to Awaken the Master Within, you have entered the most comprehensive path to advanced Qigong. The level 5 retreat, which is held typically every 2 years, would be the final step. Following this you would need to work directly with a master to do highly advanced retreats that involve weeks of fasting, meditation and visualization.

Guide to Starting Advanced Qigong

  1. Beginner courses must be completed. This includes doing a system of Qigong for at least 100 days in a row. Continuing on that path for at least 1-2 years with 3-4 hours of Qigong practice a day is recommended.
  2. Advanced Qigong comes in the form of self practice or helping others remove energy blockages. You need to decide which path is for you and your intention. Be very clear about your intention and connect with universal energy in your practice to help guide you.
  3. Once your direction has been solidified, it is best to practice a Qigong system for 1-2 years to let your body adapt to the energy shifts.
  4. Partake in at least 2 Qigong retreats such as Level 4 or 5 with Spring Forest.
  5. Find a balance of ongoing active exercises and meditation. Going too extreme on one or the other is not recommended.