Sword Fingers from Spring Forest Qigong's Chunyi Lin

Chunyi Lin Sword Fingers Qigong Practice

Sword Fingers is an ancient Qigong technique used to remove energy blockages. It combines channeling Qi and energy removal visualization to promote circulation and Qi flow. The practice derives from several schools of Qigong but has become most popularized in the West as a creation of Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of the Spring Forest Qigong. It is available to both practicing and non practicing students of Qigong.

How to Perform Sword Fingers

Sword Fingers involves shaping your fingers like a pair of scissors, extending your middle and forefingers while tucking the rest into your hand. The technique entails holding your hand out and energetically chopping the air to remove blockages where an individual feels discomfort. This can be performed on both the person performing the exercise and to others. While performing the blockage chopping, the performer says in their mind “the energy blockages are gone, I am completely healed.”

When performing on others, there is a more advanced technique that incorporates the Microcosmic Orbit (also known as the small universe) and visualization of universal energy flow. The person receiving the practice sites on a chair while the practitioner circulates energy flow around the individual. Starting from the Dantian, the energy moves in a circular motion down to the perineum and up the spine, then into the head and back down throughout the neck, chest and back down to the Dantian. This is done 3 times.

Following this circulation, the performer imagines universal energy coming down to his or herself. This harnesses into the performer and is visualized transforming into the receiver while the chopping visualization occurs. The purpose of this is to connect with a pure energy source and transmit that flow to both the giver and receiver.

Once the blockages have been addressed and chopped energetically, the giver performs another round of the Microcosmic Orbit. Doing so seals the new energy flow in the body. Afterward, the energy is sent back into the Dantian 3 times. The receiver then takes 3 deep breaths and rubs the hands warm and onto the face.

The Benefits of Sword Fingers

Sword Fingers serves the purpose of revitalizing energy and dismantling energy blockages. According to TCM, the human body functions through energy flow along lines called Meridians. Qi stagnation or improper energy flow causes blockages in these lines, leading to various issues. Once opened up, the lines are able to flow more freely.

This technique proves effective for a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Energy Support
  • Energy Blockage Removal
  • Energy Flow Support

Where to Learn

The best place learn sword fingers online is via our booking platform. Simply book an intermediate class and send us a note stating you want to focus on sword fingers.

Sword Fingers is a foundational technique covered in courses and retreats at the Spring Forest Qigong Center. It’s part of the SFQ Fundamentals course, ideal for Qigong novices. Learning through retreats and seminars led by Master Lin, held at various locations across North America and the SFQ Healing Center in Minnesota, provides a comprehensive understanding. You can explore instructional content, including a demonstration, on the SFQ Youtube channel. A particularly insightful resource is a recorded retreat session where Master Lin not only instructs on Sword Fingers but also engages in a Q&A session, delving into broader aspects of Qigong. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this video is a valuable source of knowledge.

A Guide to Beginning Sword Fingers

  1. Determine if you want to perform the exercise on yourself or others.
  2. Consider practicing on yourself before practicing on others. This builds confidence and first hand experience.
  3. Understand the feeling of Qi flow. Qi movement is experienced when performing the exercise and can cause sensations such as light warmth in the body.
  4. Watch Spring Forest Qigong’s curriculum on the technique either though its online tutorials or Level 2 course.
  5. Find a comfortable space to practice. Comfort and relaxation promote energy flow.