Evening Tea

Evening Tea is described as tea with low caffeine that can be enjoyed during later hours of the day without affecting sleep. Such tea varieties include Green Tea, including loose leaf and tea bag varieties, in addition to herbal teas. Purple Tea has also increasingly become a popular choice.

Evening tea has also begun to include two other meanings. The first is dessert tea. That is, tea that can either accompany a dessert. Such selections are usually roasted Oolongs that use wood burning techniques to create a smoke taste. These teas are the equivalent of a dessert wine or liquor such as whisky that is smoky in nature.

Other meaning surrounding this category now include teas that help digest a meal. Such teas include Dark Tea (Heicha) varieties that are very popular in the Himalayas, especially Tibet, since they aid in digestion after consuming dinner.

Below is a selection featuring teas low in caffeine in addition to Dark Tea varieties, also relatively low in caffeine but aiding in digestion.