Puerh Tea Cakes

Explore Puerh Tea Cakes. Yearly harvested and aged options available. All our selections are sourced only from trusted farmers that maintain high quality standards. Products also include specific tea factory and regional harvests.

All our cakes start from hand plucking leaves under optimal growing conditions and then pressing them using traditional methods to produce fragrant, high quality products. For aged products it is common to see full 357g sizes whereas in modern times more tea farmers are producing 100g products.

Raw Puerh Tea Cakes

A selection of products including Red Seal and Huang Jin Ye are available. Raw Puerh is the traditional method of Puerh tea making. Most high end Puerh is reserved for such cakes. However, this does not imply that all raw puerh cakes are high quality. This category is subject to some of the most counterfeit and low quality tea products on the market due to the use of low grade Puerh from neighboring Vietnam and Laos. Our products represent a lineup of high quality raw Puerh covering multiple regions throughout Yunnan, China that have been audited and personally selected. All are single origin and direct form farmers.

Ripe Puerh Tea Cakes

Such cakes are comparatively fewer. Most ripe Puerh comes in loose leaf format or in small shaped ball format. However, the industry has been a revival with ripe cake production and quality since 2018. All products in this lineup are also single origin and direct from farmers.