Most Popular Fruit Teas – Great Teas for Summer

Fruit tea has important role for people who cares about their beauty. Because of its nature of low calories, good taste, freshness, and nice appearance, each summer, they will be trendy again! Today, let’s share some fruit teas that you should not miss in the summer.

The origin of fruit tea?

The fruit tea can be traced back to the North Europe in a few century ago. It was even popular in Germany. Back then, the fruit tea was very popular among royalty. It is often used as beverage for party. Later, it slowly becomes popular in the society.

How to mix with the fruit?

The selection of the fruits used in the fruit tea is very causal, there are no special requirements. It is largely depended on your preference and mood. However, it is recommended to use the seasonal fruit. The use of different types of fruit will create various inspiration.

How to make fruit tea?

First, wash the fruit and cut into small pieces and pour into the brewed black tea or green tea. You can add some honey based on your preference. Let the tea sit for a while, so the flavor of the tea and the fruit can be mixed with each other completely. Then, you can drink it directly!

Notes: drinking fruit tea is better to use glass. When you drink the tea, you can observe the colorful fruits and the fresh leaves floating in the cup. You mood will be relaxed while watching it.

3 advantages of fruit teas

Natural flavor with zero-additives

The biggest advantage of self-made fruit tea is nature! The ready-to-drink fruit tea sold outside is made from additives with small amount of real fruit. It is bad for your health. You should not drink it.

Low calories, you can drink as much as like

The most important thing is the self-made fruit tea has low calories. The ready-to-drink fruit tea you brought normally have very high calories due to the high level of sugar contained. When you make it yourself, you can control the level of sugar, low or no sugar at all. Thus, the calories decreases significantly. Even if you drink a lot during the day, you don’t need to worry about getting fat.

Convenient and save you time

The majority of the fruit tea can be brewed with water without many steps. It reduces the waiting time. If you are rushing to go out, just throw a few slice of the fruits in the cup and pour some water. It will take you only 5 minutes.

Five fruit teas recommendation

Dates Rose Tea – supplements blood

Effects: the dates contains rich calcium and iron, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis, anemia for female. The cellulose it contains can improve the movement of the stomach and the intestine. The rose contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can prevent oxidation and slow down the aging.

How to make:

  1. Select relatively intact dried rose, then mince the dates. Put them all in a cup, add the 70 degree of water.
  2. Once the warm water in the cup is cold, you can add a few honey. Then it is ready to drink.

Tip: here the reason to choose honey is because it’s mild nature, which is good for spleen. Dates can be beneficial to help your sleep. The combination will clear the heat in your body and supplements the blood, which is very beneficial to female. However, don’t add the honey too early because the high water temperature will destroy the nutrition in the honey.

Lemon black tea – help strengthen the stomach and digestion

Function: lemon can help with whitening the skin. The tea polyphenols can help strengthen the stomach and digestion, which is very suitable for drinking after eating.

How to make:

  1. Put the black tea in the cup, add the 70 degree hot water, and sit for a while.
  2. Minced the lemon, once the water is cold, add with honey.

Tip: it is recommended to slide the lemon as small as possible. So the rich vitamin C can be dissolved in the water completely, easier to be absorbed by human body. Many people like to drink the cold brewed lemon black tea, which is not recommended. Because cold brew is better for less fermented tea, such as green tea, oolong tea. Black tea is fermented tea, which is better to brew with hot water.

Passion fruit green tea – tastes good and beneficial to the stomach

Effect: passion fruit is a type of food that with low calories and high fiber. It fibers can enter the most tiny places in the stomach and absorb the harmful substances in the body and discharge it outside. Thus, it can improve the skin condition.

How to make:

  1. Put the green tea in the glass bottle, add water of room temperature. Put the bottle in the fridge for 8 hours.
  2. Add the passion fruit in the cold brewed green tea, mixed them up and then drink it.

Tip: because green tea is less fermented tea. Thus, the cold brewed way is better to dissolve the nutrition in the tea. It will also lowered the caffeine and phosphorus, effectively reduce the burden of the stomach. It is very suitable for people with sensitive stomach.

Roselle fruit tea – weight losing and reduce pressure

Effect: roselle contains vitamin C, lemon and other nutrition. It is beneficial for the balance of blood lipids, and promote the absorption of calcium. It help digestion. It can also reduce the heat in the summer and reduce pressure, very suitable for the summer.

How to make:

  1. Put the roselle in the cup, add 70 degrees of water.
  2. Once the water is cold, add some crystal sugar, then you can drink it.

Tip: the reason why choose crystal sugar rather than the regular sugar is because the nature of crystal sugar is mild, helping protecting the lung and stopping the coughing, good for the liver. Worked good with roselle, who can clear the heat and cure the thirst.

Watermelon mint tea – clear the mouth and get rid of the edema

Effect: watermelon can get rid of the edema and help diuretic. Mint is spicy and cold, can clear your head, ease the symptom of fever. The combination can make you feel cool and ease the heat.

How to make:

  1. Put the watermelon and fresh mint leaves in the cup, pour the cold water, then you can drink it.

Tip: don’t used hot water. Because the hot water will destroy the vitamin C contained in the mint. Thus, cold water is sufficient. It is recommended to drink it while eating the cheese cake.

After learning so many secrets about fruit tea, let’s make yourself a cup of tea! Cure your thirst and become pretties, how happy it this!