Qigong Techniques to Maintain Healthy Lung Channels

Lung ChannelsThere are many channels in the body that connect to the lungs. Typically, when someone experiences congestion or feels stuffed up and unable to breathe normally, there is likely more than one area of the body that is affecting this.  From a Western perspective it is often thought that if there is a problem with a certain area of the body then that area must be looked at; however, from a Chinese medical and Qigong perspective the whole body and its corresponding channels also need to be considered to tackle the issue for the best results. In this article we look at the parts of the body that may be affected due to issues with the lung channels, and how to improve them for improved health.

The arms are a good way to stimulate the lungs, as all the lung and heart channels are arranged on the inside of your arms. Simply cupping them lightly with your hands you are able to stimulate energy flow to the lungs and clear away blockages that mat be leading to breathing problems, coughing and sinus issues. Cupping can also help alleviate congestion in the chest and decrease runny noses. Repeating this exercise multiple times starting from the top inner part of the arm all the way down to the wrist over the course of about a minute or so produces the best results.

The sides of the torso starting from the armpit down to the waist on both sides of the body should also be considered. Both sides contain your pancreas channel and have energy points that connect to your lungs and to your breasts. By patting downwards across both sides (one side at a time) for about a minute per a side you activate several energy channels connecting to the lungs, which will help with coughing and several breathing issues. This exercise can also benefit those with pancreas problems and pneumonia.

Following the arms and sides of the torso, we also need to take into consideration the chest. Use your middle finger to massage the point located right in the middle of your chest between your breasts. This should be done in a circular motion either clockwise or counterclockwise for 1-3 minutes anytime of the day. This helps alleviate shortness of breath, coughing and congestion in the heart and chest. It also helps with depression.

Why would stimulating energy points also help with emotional issues such as depression? Emotions in fact create significant impacts on the body. When one is depressed or sad it is easy for them to experience stiffness and soreness in the chest area, much like it is easy to experience a headache when you overthink too much. The area in the middle of the chest connects to the heart energy, so when activated and sent with a positive message while rubbing such as “I am perfectly healed” you help reduce the symptoms produced from the emotions. In the long run you will need to work on your emotional state of being to fully recover if this was the main issue affecting your lung digestion. Emotions cannot be overlooked and this needs to be emphasized when understanding how they relate to the body.

If you face difficulty using your mental state of mind to improve your emotions these Qigong exercises can help alleviate the emotional blockage in the corresponding energy channels, so the above-mentioned exercises are very important on the road to self-healing. The lung channels are also associated with the color white, as that is the core color associated with the body’s breathing system, so using white to visualize this color of energy entering the body during the exercises will help enhance them. The breathing system further extends to the hair, teeth, nose, throat and large intestine, so using patting exercises can help stimulate these areas.

In terms of active Spring Forest Qigong exercises, Breathing of the Universe and Harmony of the Universe are recommended as they stimulate the lung energy more directly. In addition to Qigong tapping and active exercises, meditation is a big help as well. By simply performing deep-breathing meditation exercises you decrease stress, a key factor in lung channel performance. Mediation helps detoxify the body, and the more energy you inhale the more energy you take in, creating more energy to help the body cleanse itself better. Exhaling more slowly meanwhile helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to relax and clear out the energy channels in the lungs. Meditation will help improve your mood, and in turn the emotions affecting the body.