Six Word Chant Meditation from Spring Forest Qigong

The article discusses the Six Word Chant, a meditation practice rooted in SFQ (Spring Forest Qigong) that combines elements of ritualistic Buddhism with ancient Qigong. This meditation is designed to connect individuals with the universe and impart some of the Buddha’s wisdom. Here are the key points:

Basics and Benefits

  • The Six Word Chant is not limited to a specific level of expertise and can be practiced by individuals of varying experience levels.
  • It is recommended to learn this chant before advancing to more advanced or intermediate Qigong stages.
  • The chant consists of six words, each associated with specific benefits related to various body parts and aspects of the practitioner’s being. These benefits include addressing issues in the head, face, throat, shoulders, back, spine, kidneys, legs, and joints.

Word Meanings and Benefits from a Qi Perspective 

  • The six words in the chant and their associated benefits are explained as follows:
    • “Om”: Pertains to wisdom and the universe, beneficial for issues in the head and face.
    • “Ma Ni”: Focuses on the heart’s potential for transformation, addressing problems in the throat, shoulders, and related areas.
    • “Bae Mae”: Refers to the purity of the heart and the void within it, aiding with issues in the back, spine, and kidneys.
    • “Hong”: Concerns enlightenment and wisdom, with benefits for the legs and joints.

How to Perform the Six Word Chant

  • Practitioners should enter a meditative state by getting comfortable, either sitting or lying down, and taking a few deep breaths.
  • The recording of the Six Word Chant guide is played, which includes ambient background music and spoken words by Master Lin.
  • The practitioner should try to chant along with Master Lin, following the spoken words. The chant’s benefits become more pronounced with continued practice, especially after around thirty minutes or more of chanting.
  • Optionally, practitioners can softly chant these words throughout the day to aid with sleep, enhance regular exercises, or complement other meditation practices.

Where to Find It

  • The Six Word Chant guide is available for purchase on the Spring Forest Qigong website.
  • It can be obtained as a physical CD or downloaded as an audio file, with the latter option recommended.
  • The audio file can be either an MP3 download or streamed through the SFQ Digital Library.
  • While Six Word Chant is not included in SFQ’s main courses, it may be part of seminars and retreats offered by SFQ.

In summary, the Six Word Chant is a meditation practice that draws from both Buddhism and Qigong. It offers various physical and spiritual benefits and is accessible to practitioners of all experience levels. The passage provides guidance on how to perform the chant and where to find resources for learning it.