Recommended Methods for Tea Brewing

Becoming an expert at brewing tea requires attention to detail and practice. To make a truly exceptional cup of tea, consider the following factors.

5 Recommended Methods for Tea Brewing

Quality of the Water

  • Water is the foundation of tea. The source and quality of water significantly impact the flavor of your tea.
  • Ideal water qualities for brewing tea include being sourced from a spring, having a sweet taste, flowing (not stagnant), being clear, and having a light quality.
  • Modern experiments suggest that spring water, well water, and distilled water are among the best choices for brewing tea, while tap water is generally not recommended.

Temperature of the Water

  • Water temperature plays a crucial role in tea brewing and varies depending on the type of tea. Different temperatures can bring out specific flavors and aromas in the tea.
  • For example, green teas like Longjing and Xinyang Maojian are best brewed with water at around 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit). Oolong teas benefit from teaware preheated with boiling water.
  • Black teas often require boiling water, while certain pressed teas like brick tea are best brewed with water above 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit).


The timing and times of tea brewed are based on the types of tea, water temperature and amount of tea used. In our daily life, the brew tea are normally black tea and green tea. Put about 3 grams of dried tea in each cup with approximately 200 ml boiled water. Cover the cup for 4 to 5 minutes, then you can drink it. Usually, the tea is best to brew three times.

Amount of tea

The amount of tea used for brewing doesn’t have a standard. It is largely depended on the type of tea, tea wares and the preference or habits of the tea drinker. If the drinker is tea lover and heavy labor worker, the amount of tea should be increased. If the drinker is beginner or don’t have the habit of the tea, less tea can be used. Normally, each gram tea should brew with 50 -60 ml of water, better with boiled water. However, different types of water need different amount. If it’s Oolong, the amount used is one time more than normal black tea or green tea. But the amount of water used is reduced half.


A good mood of the person who brews the tea is the key to have good tea. Brewing tea is not just about feel the natural spirit of tea, but also the dialog with the nature. There is saying “one people drinks the tea get the spirit, two people get the fun, three people get the taste”. Only in the good mood, you can get the best from tea drinking.