Spring Forest Qigong Moon Meditation

The Spring Forest Qigong Moon Meditation is a level three course that can work wonders for your mental health, reducing anxiety, helping you to sleep easier and to live a calmer, stress-free life. This meditation is only available on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and forms a crucial form of their level 3, intermediate program. In fact, it is one of the final courses you will take before you progress toward the advance levels, which means it serves as a bridge between intermediate studies and expert studies.

So, just what is the Moon Meditation, what can it do for your mental and physical health, and how essential is it for your education as an SFQ student?

How to Perform the Spring Forest Qigong Moon Meditation

This meditation is very simple. You will need to be advanced enough in your studies, and comfortable enough in your meditation, to be able to slip into a trance fairly quickly, but that is the only complication with this particular meditation. There is no preparation or introduction section, as the assumption is that anyone who has made it this far and is taking this course will already have a firm grasp of those things. If this is something you are having an issue with, then simply revert to a more basic meditation, following the preparation section in a program like Small Universe or Energy Breathing.

Once you are in the required state, when you are comfortable both mentally and physical, then the meditation will begin to work its wonders. There are many visualization techniques that you need to perform in order to benefit from the Moon Meditation, and Master Lin, who narrates the guide, will help you through all of these. You won’t need the guide every time you perform the Moon Meditation, but you will need it for the first few times, until you get to grips with it and understand fully how to perform it.

What are the Benefits?

The Moon Meditation is perfect if you are someone that typically struggles to get to sleep on a night time. This is common in the modern age. We all lead fast-paced, stressful lives, and even when we’re not really doing anything it seems like everything is on the go. More and more of us are suffering from insomnia than ever before, and if you are one of those sufferers then Moon Meditation can help to ease you into a calm, deep night’s sleep.

Moon Meditation can also help to calm your body, reducing your blood pressure, eliminating the issues caused by stress and anger (issues that manifest themselves as physical symptoms and can cause real harm). Moon Meditation is your complete evening meditation.

It can also help you to develop your third eye, something that is touched upon briefly in this level 3 meditation.

Where to Find It?

The Moon Meditation can be purchased as a standalone meditation guide. This guide is available on CD, which can be delivered to your address wherever you are in the world. CDs are not always practical these days, as many of us use laptops that don’t have CD trays and sound systems that were based around MP3s and Bluetooth. But they are essential for people who have yet to make the conversion, people who still rely on CDs. For everyone else, the Moon Meditation can also be downloaded directly from the SFQ Digital Library as an MP3. This means you can play it whenever you want, even when you are not connected to the internet. If your transfer it to your mobile device, or login to the SFQ with such a device and use it to complete the download, then it becomes even more accessible.

The Moon Meditation also comes as part of a larger course, known as Qigong for Advanced Healing. This is a level 3 course, one that completes the Start Qigong Now set of courses you will find on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre website. There are two CDs with this course, one of which includes Moon Meditation, with the other covering the Sun Meditation. These meditations are designed to work together, they are yin and yang, day and night, and while you take the Moon Meditation on an evening to help you to calm down and to prepare you for sleep, you can take the Sun Meditation in the morning, giving you a boost of energy that can help you through the day.

The Moon Meditation is also discussed in a number of SFQ retreats and seminars, which are held throughout North America.