Review of Rainbow Meditation from Spring Forest Qigong

Exclusively available through the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, the Rainbow Meditation stands as an advanced practice designed to elevate your understanding of Qigong, ushering you into the realm of advanced techniques. This potent meditation, situated at the pinnacle of the SFQ Centre’s curriculum, requires a solid foundation in the earlier levels, specifically Level 4.

Performing the Meditation

Executing the Rainbow Meditation demands a nuanced approach to thinking, breathing, and maintaining focus. It incorporates advanced SFQ meditation techniques, guiding you through practices that open key energy channels and enhance breath control. Qigong Master Chunyi Lin provides crucial guidance in visualizing a rainbow, leveraging this imagery to purify your mind and body.

Master Lin’s guidance is integral to comprehending, learning, and adapting to this meditation. The guide lacks an introductory or preparatory section, underscoring the importance of being ready and receptive before initiating the meditation. However, if you’ve progressed through previous SFQ levels, this preparation should be second nature.

In the event of any challenges, consider revisiting earlier meditations or exercises like Energy Breathing or the Small Universe meditation, the latter offering a dedicated preparation section.

Benefits Unveiled

The primary benefit of the Rainbow Meditation centers around the third eye—a focal point in advanced SFQ levels, particularly at Level 4. While the third eye is briefly introduced in Level 3 meditations like Moon Meditation and Sun Meditation, the Rainbow Meditation delves deeper, revealing techniques for substantial third eye development.

The Rainbow Meditation constitutes a vital component of advanced healing packages offered by the SFQ Centre and features prominently in retreats and seminars dedicated to tackling serious health conditions (as discussed below). Its purifying nature also makes it effective in addressing minor issues, ranging from pains and discomfort to common ailments like colds and fevers. Remarkably, the Rainbow Meditation contributes to improving mental health.

Accessing the Rainbow Meditation

As with many SFQ meditations, the Rainbow Meditation is available as a standalone guide, led by Master Lin. Accessible in CD format or MP3 download, it is not tied to a specific main course. However, it is a key inclusion in numerous retreats and seminars held at the SFQ Healing Centre and various locations across North America.

An August 2015 retreat, captured in the Wisdom Embodiment Package, provides a comprehensive resource for students. This package, consisting of 5 videos recorded over several days, encompasses not only the Rainbow Meditation but also various advanced techniques. It aims to illuminate the use of the third eye, self-healing, and addressing life-threatening diseases, offering a holistic exploration of advanced Qigong practices.