Review of Rainbow Meditation from Spring Forest Qigong

Available as an exclusive to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, the Rainbow Meditation is an advanced meditation that can take your understanding of Qigong to the next level and prepare you for the final steps. This is a powerful meditation, and one that you should only undertake when you have made it to the advanced levels at the SFQ Centre.

It is not easy to perform, but if you progress naturally through the SFQ, then by the time you make it to level 4 and the Rainbow Meditation then you should be more than well equipped to deal with it.

How to Perform it

The Rainbow Meditation is a powerful visualization meditation and the way you think, breathe and keep distractions at bay is essential to how you benefit from this meditation. It involves some simple SFQ meditation techniques, including methods that open your main energy channels, help you to control your breathing and more. Then the rainbow comes into play and the trick is to imagine this, to bring it into being and to then use it in order to cleanse your mind and body.

You will be guided through these visualizations by Master Lin, and you will need his guidance in order to understand, to learn and to adapt to this meditation. There is no introduction or preparation section on the Rainbow Meditation guide, so make sure you are ready and receptive before you play the guide. This should not be a problem by this point, and if you are taking the Rainbow Meditation then you should already have a firm grasp of proper preparation and shouldn’t have an issue in this regard.

If you do, revert back to an earlier meditation or exercise, such as the Energy Breathing practice, or the Small Universe meditation, the latter of which comes with a preparation section.

What are the Benefits?

The main benefit of the Rainbow Meditation is based around your third eye. Your third eye, and the ways that you develop it and use it, are essential to the advanced SFQ levels and they are the main focus of level 4. If you have made it though level 1, 2 and 3, then this will not be the first you learn about your third eye, as it is discussed briefly in the level 3 meditations Moon Meditation and Sun Meditation. However, Rainbow Meditation takes it one step further and shows you techniques that can develop your third eye more than those meditations ever could.

That’s not all either, as the Rainbow Meditation, just like all other meditations at the SFQ Centre, can also help you to heal. The main focus is to cleanse you, which it does on a very visceral level. It is particularly useful if you have serious conditions such as cancer or bone disorders, but it may also be beneficial if you have problems with your heart or any other major organs.

That’s why the Rainbow Meditation forms a major component of many advanced healing packages provided by the SFQ Centre and why it is included on many retreats and seminars that approach these conditions (as discussed below). Its cleansing nature means that the Rainbow Meditation can also be used to cure smaller issues, covering everything from pains and discomfort, to colds, fevers and more. In the same manner, Rainbow Meditation can also help to improve your mental health. 

Where to Find It?

Rainbow Meditation, just like many other meditations at the SFQ Centre, is available as a standalone guide. This guide is led by Master Lin and it can be purchased on CD or downloaded in MP3 form. The Rainbow Meditation is not attached to any specific main course, but you will find it included on many retreats and seminars held at the SFQ Healing Centre and at other locations throughout North America.

In fact, one such retreat was recorded in August 2015, after which it was made available for all students to download via the SFQ Digital Library. This recording is listed as the Wisdom Embodiment Package and comes with a total of 5 videos, which were recorded over the course of several days. The Rainbow Meditation was one of the main elements of this course, but by no means the only one. There are many advanced techniques covered in the Wisdom Embodiment Package and these, along with the Rainbow Meditation, aim to show you how to use your third eye, how to heal yourself and others of life threatening diseases, and much more.