Sword Fingers from Spring Forest Qigong's Chunyi Lin

A Look Inside Level 2 Spring Forest Qigong Healing

Following our review of Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) Fundamentals Level 1, it is now time to introduce how Qi can be used for the benefit of healing others. In Spring Forest Qigong Level 2, the entire book is aimed at this, and focuses on introducing more Qigong theory, healing techniques and methods for cultivating healing energy to help others open energy blockages.

While SFQ’s main focus is to teach everyone how to help themselves heal through Qigong practice and a balanced lifestyle based on the elements, food theory and even fengshui, it also recognizes the importance of being able to use your Qi for the benefit of others. For Spring Forest Qigong Founder Master Chunyi Lin, sending Qi to others is a very simple principle that anyone can study, and it is throughout the Level 2 Book and DVD he introduces everything you need to know to learn these techniques.

How Healing Others Begins

The book emphasizes the following:

  1. Preparing your friend for healing
  2. Preparing yourself
  3. Detecting blockages and conducting the healing

First, it’s essential for those new to or skeptical about Qi healing to relax and open their minds to the process. Though Qi healing isn’t merely a placebo effect, being in a relaxed and receptive state enhances its effectiveness. Have your friend close their eyes and sit comfortably as you explain the process. Begin by detecting any blockages, then proceed with the healing. This may take a minute or two, so encourage your friend to focus on pleasant thoughts during this time.

Calling Upon a Master’s Energy

Once you’ve explained the process calmly, relax yourself as your friend closes their eyes. Enter a state of calm and confidence, ready to detect blockages. Next, call upon the energy of a master figure, someone you deeply respect or whose energy resonates with you positively. Visualize this person or concept, allowing their energy to connect with yours, enhancing your ability to transmit energy effectively. This connection serves as a powerful conduit for energy transmission.

Detecting Qi Blockages

Once your master’s energy has been established it is now time to detect and open the energy blockages. The detection portion can be intimidating for people when they first start. Essentially, what it comes down to is confidence and you need to call upon your master to help you understand where blockages are when using your hand to scan over a person’s body for the detection. While doing this you may notice your body cool down, shake or warm up in certain areas depending where the scan takes places, which signals possible energy imbalances in the body. The key is to trust this feeling and rescan a few times while asking specific questions. For example, you may notice some energy blockages in the facial area but ask “Are they from the eyes, ears or nose etc.?” Pose these questions as you scan and you will find you get clearer results.

Once you’ve identified the blockages, Lin suggests a series of steps to open them. Start by activating the small universe, following a pattern similar to the Small Universe Meditation. Next, open the spine in the affected area and utilize sword fingers to disperse excessive energy causing the blockages. Once completed, send healing energy back to the treated area, the spine, and conclude with the small universe healing technique.


Our review of having taken the class twice and using it on others is that it works. Some people seem to react very quickly to the energy while others don’t notice any immediate effects, but nevertheless feel something either mildly or later in the day. This really depends on the person’s capacity to heal and for how long they do it. The best way to practice before working on others is to try it on yourself. If you have a sore area on your body, do the exact same process but by visualizing yourself sitting in a chair. A more simple way would be directly use sword fingers to the area and send back positive energy. Almost every time this is done we feel the energy circulating differently in our body and it helps us alleviate pain.

To increase your healing energy, the Level 2 book also has a number of Qigong exercises that can also be used for increasing one’s energy as well. They are more visual based and compliment core practices found in the Level 1 handbook.