Small Universe Meditation from Spring Forest Qigong

One of the most essential Qigong meditations is the Small Universe. This healing meditation is best known for optimizing Qi flow across the 2 main energy channels in the body. Practicing this is for balancing Qi and elevating one’s Qigong ability.

What is the Small Universe?

  • Energy Channel Activation: Ancient Chinese Qigong masters emphasize this meditation’s ability to open two primary energy channels: the “front” or “Yin Mai” channel and the “back” or “Du Mai” channel.
  • Broad Healing Approach: Unlike other meditations that target specific channels, Small Universe offers comprehensive healing through a single meditation practice.
  • Simplicity and Accessibility: This meditation requires no prior skill or expertise. It is user-friendly and easy to perform.
  • Guided Meditation: Master Lin’s voice guides you through the meditation. Instructions on posture, breathing, and maintaining focus are offered.
  • Universal Benefits: It is known for its wide-ranging curative potential.

Accessing the Small Universe

  • Available Online: The meditation is accessible through the Spring Forest Qigong Center website. It is also available via 1 on 1 practice session on Qiful Life.
  • Duration Options: Choose from two versions: 30-minute and 60-minute sessions. Both offer significant benefits, with the shorter version being suitable for beginners.

The Origin of Small Universe Meditation

  • A Practice with History: Small Universe meditation originates from Zhang Baosheng. The Qigong master is also known for his paranormal abilities attributed to his high-level Qigong practice.
  • Chunyi Lin’s Contribution: Chunyi Lin, a student of Zhang Baosheng, popularized the meditation in the USA and adapted it into an accessible format.
  • Crucial Meditation: Chunyi Lin emphasizes the significance of Small Universe. He considers it one of the most important Qigong meditations for opening the third eye and enhancing overall well-being.

Other Information

  • The small universe is also referred to as the microcosmic orbit.
  • It is not created by Chunyi Lin; just popularized.
  • Qigong masters constantly refer to the microcosmic orbit as the most important Qigong meditation for advancing Qigong capabilities and healing techniques.
  • Unlike Yin or Yang based meditations, this can be practiced during any time or season.