Spring Forest Qigong Guild Membership

Students at the Spring Forest Qigong Center can take their learning experience to new heights by joining the SFQ Guild. This international guild offers an array of benefits designed to enhance the Qigong journey for all practitioners, potentially saving you both time and money. For those pursuing SFQ home study courses, Guild membership is invaluable, providing not only cost-effective advantages but also exclusive access to enlightening teleseminars and meetings not found elsewhere.

Exploring Spring Forest Guild: What It Means for You

But what exactly is the Spring Forest Guild, and how can it benefit you? Let’s delve into what Guild membership entails, what it can do for your Qigong practice, and the available membership packages to suit your needs.

Guild Membership Packages

The Spring Forest Guild offers three distinct membership packages, catering to individuals and families alike. Your choice depends on your budget and the level of benefits you seek. If your family shares your passion for Qigong, you can easily extend these benefits to them. Here are the three primary packages:

  1. Guild: Priced at $75 annually, this is the most basic membership package available. It grants full access to a single SFQ student, who can enjoy a variety of benefits discussed below.
  2. Guild Family: Slightly more expensive at just under $100 per year, this package offers the same benefits as the Guild membership. The key difference is that it provides access to all your family members, making it an ideal choice if your family shares your Qigong journey.
  3. Guild Plus: This premium package, priced at double the cost of Guild Family, grants you and your immediate family access to all benefits associated with the other membership packages, along with some additional perks detailed below.

Spring Forest Qigong Guild Benefits

While the Guild Plus package offers the unique opportunity to participate in four 30-minute telephone calls led by Master Lin, which occur during the Solstice and Equinox dates—times of heightened universal energy—it also provides additional benefits. However, regardless of the package you choose, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Local Meetings: Guild members are invited to attend up to 12 meetings designed to enhance understanding and broaden knowledge. These meetings, led by expert Qigong practitioners, take place in Twin Cities, Minnesota. They offer a fantastic opportunity to expand your Qigong knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion.
  2. Recorded Meetings: For those unable to attend meetings in Minnesota, recordings are available for download via the Guild website. This extensive catalog of recordings allows you to catch up on missed sessions and access valuable insights shared during meetings.
  3. Discounts: Guild membership unlocks substantial savings on SFQ merchandise, materials, courses, seminars, and retreats. Enjoy a 10% discount on these offerings, including events held at the Healing Centre and those accessible via phone.
  4. Teleseminars: Members can participate in monthly practice group meetings and teleseminars led by SFQ experts and master healers. These sessions offer valuable techniques, tips, and tricks to enhance your role as a practice group leader and healer. Teleseminars are live phone calls attended by numerous students simultaneously, with recordings available for download at your convenience.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Qigong Practice with Guild Membership

The Spring Forest Guild opens doors to a world of possibilities in your Qigong journey. Whether you seek deeper knowledge, cost savings, or exclusive access to enriching teleseminars and meetings, Guild membership offers a myriad of benefits. By embracing these opportunities, you can take your Qigong practice to the next level, benefiting both yourself and those you aim to heal through energy work and holistic well-being.