Spring Forest Qigong for Beginners

For those who aspire to learn Qigong for beginners, or explore the profound world of energy healing, the Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) Center is an exceptional starting point. Their Level 1 courses provide extensive training, covering the essentials of Qigong practice, healing techniques, and the underlying principles behind them. Unlike many Qigong programs, Spring Forest Qigong’s approach is thorough and purposeful, equipping students with both the “how” and “why” of Qigong practices.

SFQ Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Beginning

The SFQ Fundamentals course is a comprehensive introduction to the world of Qigong. Tailored for beginners, this course provides foundational knowledge and essential healing techniques. It includes a CD, a DVD, and a manual, offering a rich array of teachings, including:

  1. Active Exercises: These exercises are deceptively simple yet immensely potent. They focus on stimulating the flow of yin and yang energies within the body, removing blockages, and addressing various health issues. Among these exercises are “Moving of Yin and Yang” and “Breathing of the Universe.”
  2. Small Universe Meditation: Considered one of the most vital meditations in Spring Forest Qigong, Small Universe teaches you to heal through a straightforward meditation practice. It guides you into deep meditative states, encouraging the inhalation of healing energy that permeates the body, addressing every area.
  3. Techniques: The course also introduces techniques for managing your energy, such as “Sword Fingers.” These techniques help replenish beneficial energy while dispelling potentially harmful energy.

Qi-ssage Healing: Acupressure for Energy Flow

Qi-ssage techniques are a key component of Spring Forest Qigong, developed by Master Lin. This practice combines ancient Chinese medicine, Chinese massage, and Qigong to create a healing system centered around acupressure massages targeting key energy points in the body. All symptoms, according to this system, are linked to energy blockages, and by using Qi-ssage techniques, one can clear these blockages and alleviate symptoms.

The “Qi-ssage Healing” course, part of the Level 1 curriculum, is designed to teach you how to perform a complete Qi-ssage Healing session on others. This course includes audio and visual elements as well as a manual, offering a comprehensive understanding of this powerful healing practice.

The Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual

The “Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual” employs acupressure techniques and is a standout course for several reasons:

  1. Powerful Healing: This course empowers you to address a wide range of physical discomforts and ailments by employing acupressure techniques. It equips you with skills akin to those used by accomplished healers, acupuncture specialists, and Qigong masters.
  2. Accessibility: While the healing techniques taught in this course are advanced, they are accessible to anyone. Detailed illustrations facilitate the identification of energy points and blockages, helping you pinpoint problems and apply the necessary techniques for healing.
  3. Comprehensive Healing: Despite its concise format as a manual, the “Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual” offers a wealth of knowledge. It can guide you in healing every pain, illness, and symptom you encounter.
  4. Extra Benefits: In addition to healing techniques, the manual includes valuable chapters covering techniques for pregnant women and newborn babies, as well as a recipe for an energy-balanced drink.


The Spring Forest Qigong Qigong for Beginners courses are far from ordinary. They provide a solid foundation for those seeking to explore the realms of energy healing, offering comprehensive training and in-depth knowledge. By immersing yourself in these courses, you can embark on a healing journey that not only transforms your life but also equips you to heal others and make a meaningful impact on the world of energy healing.