Undoing Qi Blockages

How to Undo Qi Blockages According to Chinese Concepts

Qi (Chi) blockages, also known as energy blockages, arise due to blocked or stagnant energy according to Qigong, Daoist, TCM theory and even Fengshui concepts deriving from China. They appear as both visible and non-visible forms to the human eye.

In this article we cover all things related to Qi blockages, including:

  • Why Does Qi Get Blocked?
  • How Qi Blockages are Detected for Humans
  • Which Methods are Best for Undoing Qi Blockages?
  • A Chinese Approach to Maintaining Healthy Energy Flow

Why Does Qi Get Blocked?

There are a number of reasons why Qi gets blocked. For humans, there are a few primary reasons:

  1. Injuries.
  2. Poor lifestyle habits such as bad sleep.
  3. Imbalanced emotions such as excessive stress.
  4. Diets lacking nutrients.
  5. Lack of exercise and social wellbeing.
  6. Environmental circumstances such as lack of sunshine.


One common reason how Qi gets blocked is due to strained or excessive muscle use. Athletes as an example commonly use techniques such as cupping (Ba Guan) or Skin Scraping (Gua Sha) to relieve themselves of muscle soreness. When the body is overused, it can deplete vital energies, causing stagnation to occur. Ba Guan and Gua Sha help stimulate those areas to remove blockages and increase blood and energy flow.


A common lifestyle issue people face is poor sleep, late nights, and overall lack of sleep. From a TCM standpoint, this is harmful to the kidney and liver energies, which can cause energy in these channels to stagnate.

Imbalanced Emotions

In TCM theory, each emotion is linked to a meridian. For example, excessive fear or worry is linked to the chest. Those with such circumstances can feel tightness in the area, leading to blockages.

Food Choices

Food is divided into hot and cold properties, according to TCM. For example, mangoes are considered cold in nature while ginger is hot. Excessive consumption of either can produce imbalanced Yin Yang energies in the body.

Exercise and Movement

Simply not getting enough movement causes Qi blockages. When the body is stagnant so is its energy channels. Moving around, stretching, doing yoga, and giving the body a massage helps circulate Qi.

One’s Environment

Excessive light or dark environments can cause Qi to block. It is good to find a balance where sunshine and lack of sunshine are balanced.

How Qi Blockages are Detected for Humans

There are a few primary ways Qi blockages are detected when it comes to an individual:

  1. Pulse reading – specifically the 3 finger version in TCM where all internal meridians are read. This is done all across China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and TCM clinics across the world. This is a highly accurate and scientific approach used for centuries.
  2. Energy detection through Qigong readings. This is also known as an energy scan, commonly found in energy detection schools within Reiki and Qigong. Only advanced practitioners who are sensitive to understanding Qi flow are qualified to use this methodology.
  3. Acupressure massages to find where the body is feeling sore or uncomfortable.

Pulse Reading

TCM uses an advanced technique of pulse reading that takes into consideration all the meridians and internal organs. A detailed explanation of all those can be found in this TCM pulse reading guide. An energy blockage here is defined as internal energy that isn’t flowing properly across major meridian systems that link to the corresponding organs. Most TCM providers in China and Taiwan address blockages through herbs and Tuina Massage depending on the condition.  Such solutions allow for Qi flow to occur more smoothly, thus resulting in removed blockages.

Qigong Energy Blockages Detection Methodology

Qigong uses an advanced energy detection system by which the Qigong practitioner uses his or her hand to detect where energy is stuck or not flowing smoothly. At Qiful Life, we call this the Qi Radar or “Qi-dar.” There are Qigong schools completely dedicated to this practice and study, such as Spring Forest Qigong.  Once detected, the Qigong practitioner opens the blockages through a practice called Sword Fingers and then concludes with a series of energy flow movements to send back positive energy flow. The receiver then ends the practice with a meditation and relaxation session to harmonize and balance the energy flow.

Acupressure Massage & Tuina

Tuina massage is a type of Chinese acupressure massage that addresses physical Qi blockages in the body. In the West, this is synonymous with ailments such a sore neck or stiff shoulders. When a person’s muscles or pressure points are stiff in the body it is up to the Tuina masseuse to loosen those. The end result is increased Qi flow, similar to what is experienced after a massage.

Which Methods are Best for Undoing Qi Blockages?

According to all schools, there is no perfect answer. Certain individuals may have blockages due to injury while others due to emotions. Most people in Asia turn to their local TCM clinic as a first step.

The safest way to ensure harmonized Qi flow on a daily basis is to practice Qigong. Qigong is a set of energy balancing movements that harmonizes Yin and Yang energies in the body. Pretty much every TCM and Acupressure practitioner you run into will recommend Qigong as a main or supplemental practice to Qi blockage removal. It is easy to practice and has been researched and studied by all sorts of reputable sources.

A Chinese Approach to Maintaining Healthy Energy Flow

Whether it is with Qigong masters, TCM practitioners or masseuses, there are a set of common practices to promote optimal Qi flow:

  1. Balanced emotions. In TCM and Qigong theory, different emotions are linked to different organs and energy systems in the body. For example, anger is associated with the liver and excessive angry feelings may lead to weakened liver energy. It is important to maintain stabilized and excessive emotions.
  2. Diet. A balanced diet is considered crucial to energy flow. An excessive amount of unhealthy foods that are high in cold or hot properties destabilizes your energy base.
  3. Eating with the Seasons. Similar to diet, simply eating with the seasons helps align the body with the natural environment you occupy.
  4. Practice Qigong. Qigong is a highly effective set of movements that circulates energy lightly throughout the body. It incorporates movement, breathwork and even visualization. It is considered the most effective and preventative practice for preventing Qi blockages.
  5. Meditate. Meditation helps regulate emotions that otherwise may become imbalanced.
  6. Exercise & Movement. It is highly important to keep the body revitalized through movement and exercise such as walking, aerobics and stretching.

FAQ: How Do You Restore Qi in the Body?

Sleep. Make sure to get enough sleep. Going to bed earlier helps regulate Qi better.

Qigong. Practicing Qigong daily helps ensure ample and smooth energy flow.

Proper Nutrition through Drinks and Food. Eat with the seasons, drink tea, and make sure to avoid excessive unhealthy foods.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Dealing with Energy Blockages

  1. Incorporate balanced exercise and lifestyle into your daily routine.
  2. Practice Qigong and Meditation.
  3. Consult with a TCM practitioner on herbs, Gua Sha and Ba Guan.
  4. Make sure to consume enough healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits.
  5. Add in herbal soups and teas to your routine.