Teas to Protect Your Kidney and Liver

Here are some recommended teas and tips to help protect your kidney, liver and overall health if you engage in habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, or prolonged computer use.

Tea For Alcohol Consumers

  • Alcohol consumption in moderation can have health benefits, but excessive drinking can harm your liver and digestive system.
  • If you overindulge in alcohol and experience a hangover, consider drinking Gehua Tea. Gehua is made from the flower of Pueraria lobata and is known for its hangover-relief properties.

Additional Teas for Liver Protection

White chrysanthemum tea, wolfberry tea, bergamot flower tea, and rose tea can also be beneficial for liver health. Avoid excessive consumption of fatty foods, fish, and meat to prevent liver damage.

Tea For Smokers

To protect your throat, try monk fruit tea. Monk fruit, when prepared as a tea, can help soothe the throat and clear mucus.

How to Prepare Monk Fruit Tea

Crush a monk fruit into eight pieces and brew it with water until it loses its flavor. While monk fruit tea may not have the most pleasant taste, it can be effective in soothing your throat.

Additional Foods for Lung Health: Consider incorporating lily, radish soup, chuanbei sugar steamed pear, and ginkgo into your diet to reduce coughing and support lung health.

For Game Fans and Prolonged Computer Users: Wolfberry Tea and Eye Protection

  • Prolonged computer use can strain your eyes and lead to other health issues.
  • To protect your eyes, consider drinking chrysanthemum tea and wolfberry tea, which can help with eye health. Eating radishes and foods rich in vitamin A can also support good eyesight and prevent eye diseases.

Additional Tips for Gamers and Computer Users: Exercise regularly to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Include foods like red dates, fried leek with walnuts, and vitamin C-rich fruits in your diet to promote overall health.

Remember that drinking tea can not only be a cultural experience but also a natural way to support your health. Incorporate these recommended teas and foods into your lifestyle to protect your liver, lungs, and overall well-being, especially if you engage in habits that may negatively impact your health.