Unhealthy Food from a Chinese Perspective

Choosing the right food to eat or snack on is important depending on the season. Chinese also have all sorts of teas and food for the right kind of illnesses or prevention of illnesses. Below is a list of foods you may want to consider depending on your condition.

  1. Which one should we choose if you suffer from acne on the face? Yogurt
  2. How to eliminate enlarged pores on the face? Cucumber
  3. During the fall and winter, people suffer from the dry skin. What kind of food keeps it moist? Kiwi fruit
  4. Despite skin care products, what kind of food helps to lighten spots? Tomatoes
  5. What kind of food improves eyesight? Carrots
  6. What kind of drink helps you with constipation in the morning? Water
  7. What helps with a “cold” body of a woman? Ginger
  8. An office lady has pressure at the office and will easily have shoulder pain. What kind of food can help to relieve that? Almonds
  9. What kind of food increases female hormones, and makes you look young? Sesame seed paste
  10. What do you need to eat if you want strong bones? Pork rib soup
  11. Middle-aged and old women have painful joints? Dried peeled shrimp
  12. What do you eat if you want to lose weight? Red bean bread
  13. What kind of tea beverage helps with attitude issues? Barley tea
  14. What kind of soup relieves nervous tension? Hot and sour soup
  15. What do you eat if you suffer puffiness of the face? Wax gourd
  16. What do eat if you are sitting in front of the computer and feel dry in the eyes? Bananas
  17. What do white collars eat to relieve the feeling of a heavy head at 3pm? Almond and chocolate
  18. Which food has a function of detoxification? Chinese yam

8 foods killing you fast

  1. Pig liver. 1kg pig liver has more than 400mg cholesterol. Too much cholesterol intake leads to arteriosclerosis.
  2. Deep fried dough sticks. Deep fried dough sticks contain alums, a kind inorganic matter of aluminum.
  3. Barbecue. Many toxic substances such as benzene will be made up during barbecuing, resulting in cancers.
  4. Year egg. Many manufacturers add a certain amount of lead when they are making year eggs. Using them often leads to lead poisoning. In the meantime, it causes calcium loss.
  5. Spinach. Spinach is rich in nutrition. But the oxalate in it leads to the combination of valuable calcium and zinc, and discharge out of the body. A lack of zinc and calcium will have negative impact on males. Oxalate will be removed after blanching the spinach.
  6. MSG. The recommended daily MSG intake is less than 6g per person. It will be harmful if the intake is more than that.
  7. Salted vegetable. If the salted vegetable is made in an improper way, it will have carcinogen and ammonium nitrate. Having salted vegetable for a long time will result in cancer.
  8. Stinky tofu. Stinky tofu is vulnerable to microorganisms during fermentation, and it will volatilize TVB-N and H2S.

World’s Top 9 Macrobiotic Foods

  1. Apple. One day an apple will significantly reduce the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease. The quercetin in an apple not only reduces inflammation, but also prevents the growth of cancer cells. In the meantime, an apple is rich in vitamins and minerals, improving immunity, enhancing cardiovascular function.
  2. Fish. People who care the health of the heart should eat more fish. Having fish three times a week or having 30g of fish per day will reduce the risk of catching a stroke by 50%. Medical researches prove that Japanese and Eskimos who are eating more fish than other ethic groups have fewer cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Garlic. Garlic not only prevents colds, but also reduces the risk of having gastric cancer and intestinal cancer.
  4. Strawberries. You will have plenty of vitamin C if you have many strawberries. A strawberry is also rich in iron, improving immunity. The volatile and color compounds help produce enzyme, and prevent cancers.
  5. Carrot. A carrot is rich in Beta-carotene. It not only protects the structure of genes and prevent cancers, but also improve skin conditions and eyesight.
  6. Banana. Bananas contain various trace elements, which will prevent the sugar from entering the blood fast. The amount of magnesium is especially high. Having one banana will meet 1/6 of total amount of magnesium requirement every 24 hours.
  7. Green tea. The ingredient making green tea magic is catechol. This kind of biological active substance prevents atherosclerosis and prostatic cancer, and it helps to lose weight. But if you want to burn extra fat, you have to drink 4 big cups of green tea.
  8. Soybeans. A soybean is rich in lecithin and vitamin B, improving the ability of thinking and enhancing the function of nervous systems. A soybean is also the source of vegetable proteins. Though people in Europe are still not used to eating soybeans, the research has proved the functions.
  9. Pepper. A red pepper enhances metabolism, and increases weight loss. The capsaicin in it stimulates gastric secretion, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach.

[The least favorite friends of “cancers”]

  1. The least favorite friend of gastric cancer-garlic
  2. The least favorite friend of liver cancer-mushroom
  3. The least favorite friend of pancreatic cancer-broccoli
  4. The least favorite friend of lung cancer-spinach
  5. The least favorite friend of intestinal cancer-water bamboo
  6. The least favorite friend of breast cancer-seaweed
  7. The least favorite friend of skin cancer-asparagus
  8. The least favorite friend of cervical cancer-soybean