Recommended Qigong DVDs & Videos for Self Study

DVDs are the perfect medium for exploring Qigong, especially when are led by an experienced master. Listening to CDs and following written instructions are all fair and well, but most people struggle if they don’t have someone to follow directly. That’s why fitness manuals are rare, but fitness DVDs thrive, and it is why this visual component plays a huge role in the courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.

In this article we review some of the most popular DVDs for studying Qigong, most of which come from Chunyi Lin at Spring Forest Qigong.

Beginner and Intermediate Courses

The beginner and intermediate stages at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre cover levels 1 through to 3, and there are a great number of courses available at these levels. The courses below are simply the ones that include DVDs, and do not touch on the dozens of meditation guides (CD and MP3) or the manuals that are also available for students at these levels.

  • Qigong for Health (level 1): Also known by the name SFQ Fundamentals, this is one of the most celebrated courses in online Qigong. This course has been taken by hundreds of thousands of students over the years. It launched the Spring Forest Qigong Center and the educations of countless masters. Not only does this course cover many Qigong basics, including a CD of meditations like Small Universe, but the DVD of this course also covers a number of essential exercises. In SFQ Fundamentals you will discover exercises such as Moving of Yin and Yang and Joining of Yin and Yang, which help to rejuvenate the energies in your body, discarding old and unwanted energy, and bringing in new energy. As this is a level 1 course, these exercises are very easy to perform, just follow Master Lin’s instructions on the DVD.
  • Qi-ssage Healing (level 1): This is one of the most comprehensive Qigong healing courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Center. It is based around a technique that was developed by Master Lin as a way of teaching others to become healers, even if they have little or no experience. Qi-ssage Healing comes with a CD and a manual, as well as the DVD. This DVD shows Master Lin performing a Qi-ssage Healing session and guiding you through the techniques.
  • Qigong for Healing (level 2): This is the next main course after the SFQ Fundamentals course mentioned above, and it is often taken as part of a trio of courses that begin with SFQ Fundamentals and end with Qigong for Advanced Healing. These two courses focus on self-healing techniques, with basics covered in level 2 and more advanced techniques covered in level 3.

Advanced Qigong Courses

This is where things really start to get exciting, and if you don’t want to visit the Spring Forest Qigong Center itself, then some of the advanced DVD courses are essential, as they will put you in front of Master Lin as he guides you through some essential techniques that all advanced students need to understand.

  • Wisdom Embodiment Package (level 4): In August 2015, Master Lin held a seminar for advanced students that lasted a few days. In this seminar he discussed a number of advanced healing practices. This a recording of that retreat, and one that you can download in the form of several videos, all played through the Spring Forest Qigong Center Digital Library.
  • Awakening the Master Within (level 5): This is the biggest and the longest course at the Spring Forest Qigong Center, and one that covers many different forms of media. There is even a teleseminar attached to this course, whereby you connect with Master Lin over the phone, discussing the final essential parts of this comprehensive level. Once you pass this course then you are set to become a Qigong master yourself, but only the very best students make it that far.