Close view of Liu An Tea Packing - 2008 Liu An Dark Tea in Loose Leaf or Basket Format

Ways to Prepare and Drink Dark Teas

Here are some of the most popular ways to make and prepare dark tea varieties.

1. Cold Brewing

Use cold water or mineral water. Begin by washing the tea with boiling water, then place the tea at the bottom of a cold-water bottle. Allow it to brew for a day at room temperature, refilling the water as needed.

2. Milk Tea

Brew tea traditionally, then mix it with an equal amount of milk. Using dark tea creates a smooth and delightful milk tea with a sweet aftertaste. It pairs well with dishes like fried rice, yellow bean, cheese, or beef according to personal preference.

3. Honey Dark Tea

A practice dating back to the Tang Dynasty, where tea was infused with additives like milk, salt, and honey. Modern honey dark tea is made by adding honey to cold black tea, creating a sweet but not greasy flavor. Add honey when the temperature is around 50 to 60 degrees.

4. Chrysanthemum Dark Tea

Combine dark tea and chrysanthemum in a 3:1 ratio. Brew them together to create a refreshing taste. Chrysanthemum clears body heat, and the mild dark tea enhances the benefits, making it suitable for individuals with excess body heat.

5. Chinese Wolfberry Dark Tea

Add a few Chinese wolfberries to dark tea. The wolfberries promote eyesight, and the dark tea has anti-radiation effects. Together, they complement each other, making it ideal for students and office workers who use computers frequently.

6. Lemon Dark Tea

Mix dark tea with lemon juice or slices. Add sugar or honey for a balanced sour and sweet flavor. Refrigerate for a better taste. Lemon, like dark tea, cools down and aids digestion, making it suitable for summer consumption.

7. Flower Dark Tea

Enhance dark tea with flowers like rose, jasmine, osmanthus, or lavender. The blend adds mellowness and elegance to the tea, creating a healthful and soothing atmosphere. Ideal for those who appreciate beauty and romance.

8. Dried Tangerine Peel Dark Tea

Include dried tangerine peel in dark tea to create a slightly bitter taste that aids in phlegm reduction and cough suppression. Suitable for those looking to protect their respiratory tract.

9. Fruit Dark Tea

Inspired by the British, this method involves adding fruits like cantaloupe to brewed dark tea. Chill in the fridge before serving, catering to those who follow the latest trends.

10. Frozen Dark Tea

Enjoy the refreshing taste of dark tea by cooling and freezing it. This iced version is excellent for quenching thirst, providing sunstroke protection, with enhanced effects when served frozen.