The Best Ways to Prepare and Drink Dark Teas for Your Health

Traditional way (boiling)

Sitting around the oven, drinking the tea and talking about life. It can be such an enjoyment. We recommend to soak the tea for five times before boiling. If you in a city, we recommend to use pot and electronic oven.

Take about 6 grams’ tea, when the temperature of the water reached 60 degree, then put the tea in. (Dark tea should be washed with boiled water first before boiling in the tea pot.) Cooked the tea with slow heat, then drink it after boiling it for five minutes.

  1. Brewing
  2. Cold brewing

Use the cold water or mineral water. First, washing the tea with the boiling water, then put the tea in the bottom of the cold-water bottle. Inside the room, it can brew for a day. You only need to refill the water.

  1. Milk tea

Brew the tea with the traditional method, then mixed it up with the same amount of milk. Making the milk tea with the dark tea, the milk tea will taste smooth.

The dark tea is also famous for the sweet aftertaste. Once the tea is inside the throat, you will taste the sweetness still inside your mouth. The milk has its own flavor. The mixture of tastes will make leave the taste of the milk tea inside your mouth for longer period. You can even eat fried rice, fired yellow bean, cheese or beef depend on your own preference.

  1. Honey dark tea

Dark tea has already been sold to Tibetan and Xinjiang in Tang Dynasty. By that time, when people in northwest drink tea, they will add sauces like milk, salt, honey and others. The modern honey dark tea is made from cold black tea added with honey. The taste is sweet but not greasy.

However, you need to pay attention to that the boiled water will destroy the nutrients in honey. Normally, it is the best to add honey inside the dark tea when the temperature is around 50 to 60.

The honey dark tea can also cure the pharyngitis: drinking honey dark tea made from dark tea that added with honey one or two times a day, for 3 to 5 consecutive days can help cure the pharyngitis.

  1. Chrysanthemum dark tea

Using dark tea and chrysanthemum, mixed up with the ratio of 3 to 1. Putting them inside the tea ware and brewing them together. The tea tastes refresh. The chrysanthemum can clear the heat inside the body, the dark tea is mild. These two combined can increase the benefits, especially suitable for people with extra heats inside their body.

  1. Chinese wolfberry dark tea

Putting a few of Chinese wolfberry into the dark tea, brewing them together. The Chinese wolfberry can brighten the eyesight; the dark tea has anti-radiation effect. Mixing them together, they can complement each other. This type of tea is suitable for students, white collar workers, who use the eyes and computer often.

  1. Lemon dark tea

Adding lemon juice in the brewed dark tea or the lemon slices (both dry and wet are fine, wet would be the best). Then, you can add sugar or honey. The flavor is mixed with sour and sweet. The taste is better after refrigerate. Lemon, like dark tea, have the effect of cooling down and improve appetites. After eating, you can drink it to help digestion. (you can drink it in summer when frozen it).

  1. Flower dark tea

Adding rose, jasmine, osmanthus, lavender and other flowers in the dark tea, and brewing them together. The ancient camellia works the best. Besides the aroma of the dark tea, the flavor of the flower, make the tea mellow and elegant. It is not only good for your health, but increased the relaxing and warm atmosphere. This type of tea is suitable for women, who care about beauty and romance.

  1. Dried tangerine peel dark tea

Adding dried tangerine peel in the dark tea, and brewing them together. The taste of the dried tangerine peel is a slightly bitter. However, it can assist the phlegm and stopping the cough.

This type of tea is suitable for people need to protect their respiratory tract.

  1. Fruit dark tea

The expert in drinking black tea is the British people, who is also fascinated about dark tea. The newest British way of drinking dark tea is adding fruit in the dark tea. Such as adding cantaloupe in the brewed dark tea. You can drink it after store them in the fridge. It is suitable people who like to stand in front of the trend.

  1. Frozen dark tea

The cold dark tea is still tastes good. Cooling the brewed dark tea and frozen them in the fridge. When you drink it, it tastes fresh and cold. The dark tea works good in curing the thirsty, protecting against sunstroke, and the effects are better when it is iced.