A Look at Places in the World with Good Qi

Ever wonder where some of the places with the best Qi are on earth or what makes a place have good Qi? In this article we review the some of the best places with good Qi. We also cover what characteristics are common amongst such places.

Chanhassen, Minnesota

Located in the west Twin Cities in Minnesota, Chanhassen was once a main healing ground for native Americans. The area is known for producing some of the oldest living people in the USA and is often in the final runs for national pumpkin growing contests. The area also boasts several pristine lakes and arboretums. Prince’s famous Paisley Park is also located in Chanhassen and only minutes away from the famed Lake Minnetonka. A well-known Qigong master also resides in the city. Chanhassen has repeatedly won awards for the best places to live in America. We personally believe none of these are coincidences, and coincides with the warm and calming Qi found in the area.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston exudes a very noble energy. Whether that is due to its long history of developing American political figures, or because of the amount of educational institutions contributing to great thought and progress, we are not sure. We just know that while walking through the area the energy is very light and balanced.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, much like the Badlands in South Dakota, has a very electrifying energy. It’s where Qi meets energy vortexes. Although Qi usually translates as energy, there is an implied calming and tingling sensation that comes with it. Sedona has more of an electrifying feel that is intense. Energy in this area is coming out of the earth, specifically at vortex points. The energy transfer from this phenomenon is a mixed feeling of calm, yet electrifying Qi. It is more energizing than it is healing, although the latter still applies.

Northern Portugal

From the Duoro Valley to the areas of Coimbra and Serra de Estrela Nature Park you will find all sorts of pockets of good Qi. The Duoro Valley is no surprise since this is where fertile hills meet river valleys to produce Portugal’s famous grapes for making Porto wine. This carries over into mid and eastern Portugal. Overall, the ovuntry has a very pure and spiritual feel to it and produces some of the most beautiful churches we have come across.

Basilica of the Holy Blood in Belgium

There is a very intense Qi feeling when entering the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Belgium. The church is said to have a piece of cloth from Jesus’ body when he was crucified. While we can’t confirm the validity of this claim, we can say that the energy from a few blocks leading up to the church footsteps is very intense and apparent. It strengthens as you get inside in the church and hits very hard when next to the clothing, which is inside a concealed case. My “Qi-dar” tells me there is some validity to this, as that type of energy feeling can not be faked nor produced only by prayer or visits from churchgoers.


Jerusalem is a very holy place as we all know. There is a specific stone where the virgin Mary was said to have wept when Jesus died. At this location in particular is a very calm, yet intense Qi that reverberates into the body when near. The entire area of Jerusalem itself has many different Qi vibes.

Tibetan Buddhist Temples

Rarely have we stepped into a Buddhist temple and not felt a calming and healing Qi. This is most apparent when it comes to Tibetan (Vajrayana) Buddhist temples in general. One great Tibetan Buddhist temple in Minnesota where this is very apparent is the Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery.

How to Spot an Area with Good Qi

There are several ways to detect how good the Qi is in an area.

  1. Look at surrounding nature. If the trees and grass look healthy and if there are many animals such as turtles or deer, these are all good signs of good Qi. Turtles are known for gravitating toward good Qi, so if you see an area with turtle crossings this typically means it has good Qi.
  2. Are there any state parks or nature reserves nearby? If so, most likely the local government has strict policies on pollution, which helps cultivate good energy in general. Nature reserves are typically in very healthy conditions and that energy lends itself to nearby housing and communities.
  3. Observe the demeanor of the people. Communities with good Qi tend to also produce happy people that are friendly. This is particularly true in the Chanhassen example mentioned above.
  4. Make sure there are no nearby dumps, garbage facilities, power plants or even golf courses. All these spread chemicals into the ground and air, leading to reduced Qi in a given environment.
  5. Look for water streams entering into a given area. If you look at how the Mississippi River leads into Minneapolis or the water ways from Lake Michigan into Chicago, you will feel an intense feeling of energy flow. Although this is more related to Feng Shui, good feng shui also leads to good Qi potential within an area. The same goes for rivers, streams, and lakes.